What's Launching in Item 360?

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Here's a quick peek of some exciting features that we're launching soon. Many of these are the result of feedback you have shared about your Item 360 experience.

January 2024

Products view in Activity Manager
  • Currently: The Activity Manager shows each submission made by users who share your 6-digit Supplier ID(s). To view the status of items in a submission, you have to navigate to the activity details.
  • The solution: The new Products view in the Activity Manager shows each item submitted by users who share your 6-digit Supplier ID(s). This allows you to easily search for an item submission – by Product ID (Walmart Item Number, GTIN, or UPC) or Activity ID – and quickly view the submission status.
  • The benefits: The ability to view submissions by individual products reduces the time you spend navigating to the activity details to learn more about the submission status. You can quickly see if items have errors, require WERCs, require Walmart approval, were successful, etc. and take action if needed.

August 2023

Brand registration
  • Previously: There was no way for suppliers to register a brand in Item 360, and your content submissions didn't always appear on Walmart.com due to content ranking and ownership.
  • The solution: Suppliers can now register a brand, which ensures you have access to view and manage all your brands in one place and that your content submissions will stick for the attributes you own.
  • The benefits: Registering a brand gives suppliers elevated ranking so that your content appears on Walmart.com. This workflow allows you to manage all of your brands in Item 360 with quick links to take actions on the brand or to view all items in the brand. The catalog will also show which items you are the brand owner for.
    • As a brand owner, you can create a Brand Shop on Walmart.com where customers may easily browse your products and learn more about your brand. Brand Shop is a free, virtual storefront designed to boost your brand awareness, strengthen brand loyalty for existing shoppers, and drive new shoppers to your brand.

July 2023

Content quality enhancements
  • Previously: The previous content quality scoring model did not account for the new product type attributes, and some attributes were manually editable without standardized guidelines. In Item 360, you may have seen content insights for the core attributes (Product Name, Site Description, Key Features, and Images) and could update the values based on the recommendations.
  • The solution: The improved content quality scoring model for 1P items does account for the new product type attributes, which capture more relevant and accurate data to enable greater discoverability and help customers build more confidence in their decisions. The updated model also ties directly to the content standards in our latest style guides. In Item 360, you have visibility to all content opportunities and can easily enrich content that will improve the item's content quality score and the customer experience.
  • The benefits: The improved content quality scoring model and actionable insights for all scored attributes make building top-performing item pages easier in Item 360. These content quality enhancements can help you easily manage your item content, and more enhancements are coming soon.
Learn more about these updates here.

April 2023

Category advisors will begin assisting with item content enrichment
  • Previously: As announced during the first Category Advisor Summit in August 2022, we must continue evolving to meet omnichannel needs as retail constantly changes. We enabled merchants to support this omni scope and are now aligning category advisors to do the same.
  • The solution: Category advisors remain important partners to our team and will provide day-to-day support on our most critical tasks. They will attend an Item 360 info session and begin assisting with item attributes to help improve search results, content quality, and conversion. These attributes include the Product Name, Site Description and Key Features, and Product Type attributes.
  • The benefits: By providing high-quality content, we can directly influence customers’ ability to find the items they are looking for, which helps convert searches to purchases.

March 2023

Bulk edit items that have content insights
  • Previously: You could only review content insights and recommendations for a single item at a time in the Item 360 Catalog.
  • The solution: Once you've navigated to the items that have content insights, export the items in a Product Content & Site Experience maintenance spreadsheet that includes the Product Content Insights. Review these recommendations before making edits in bulk for the Product Name, Images, Site Description, and/or Key Features.
  • The benefits: Save time by bulk updating the product content attributes that have insights and recommendations. This makes it easy to enhance the content quality of your items. Once your submission has the "Complete" status in the Activity Manager, allow up to 48 hours for the Content Quality Scores to update.

December 2022

Updated Home page
  • Previously: Your Home page had duplicate information (e.g., quick links to activities with errors/Supplier Action Required), and the News & Announcements section may not have been as useful as intended.
  • The solution: We've updated your Home page to reduce duplication and provide information that is more useful to you. When you have items that require attention or have recommendations, you'll still see the tiles under Critical Action Items. You'll see a new chart showing the content health of published items in your catalog. We've also added helpful links to articles that will help you get started and other key notes, and tips to remember when filing case tickets to our support team.
  • The benefits: With more relevant information on your Home page, you now have quick and easy access to view and edit items that have errors or recommendations to improve content quality. You can always find help articles through the Help menu in Item 360, but the Helpful Links section has suggested articles if you're new to the tool or need a refresher. When you need to file a case ticket, refer to the tips to ensure it goes to the correct team and that they have all the information they need upfront.

October 2022

Customize filters with custom product attributes
  • Previously: When you applied filters in the Products view of the Catalog, you could only select from a default set of filters. There was no way to filter on product attributes specific to your Product Category or Product Type.
  • The solution: You are now able to search for and save product attributes to filter on – on top of the existing default filters. Apply these custom filters to find and export the items that match the criteria you are looking for.
  • The benefits: This enhancement allows you to tailor your Catalog view further for more specific Product-level data, so you can quickly find and download information for your items.

September 2022

View item proposals that you uploaded while onboarding with Walmart
  • Previously: If you uploaded item proposals while onboarding with Walmart, there was no way to view the proposed items or add more in Item 360.
  • The solution: From the Setup Hub, you can now select the My Proposed Items view if you recently uploaded item proposals during supplier onboarding. This page will show all of your item proposals, and you can delete or add items.
  • The benefits: This feature allows you to easily view item proposals that you uploaded while onboarding and quickly propose more items that you think would be valuable to Walmart's assortment and our customers.
Updates to Title and Description Insights
  • Previously: If you had items with Title and Description Insights, clicking the tile on your Home page took you to the Title and Description Insights page to review the items. You viewed the insights for the Product Name, Key Features and Site Description attributes on the Edit Product Details page, where you could make updates immediately.
  • The solution: We've renamed Title and Description Insights to Content Insights and consolidated them into the Item 360 Catalog, meaning you will no longer see the Title and Description Insights page or go to an item's Edit Product Details page to view attributes with insights.
    • Clicking the Content Insights tile on your Home page takes you to the Catalog > Products view with the Content Insights filter applied.
    • If an item has attributes with insights, you can view the attribute count below the Publish status at the top right corner of the item card.
    • Navigate to the editable Product & Offer Overview page to view the attributes with insights and make updates immediately.
    • Insights for imagery are now available. These insights pertain to the number of images the item has and align with the standards in your new setup by Product Type specs.
  • The benefits: This consolidation reduces the number of pages you navigate to and brings all product-level item edits into one place – the editable Product & Offer Overview. The addition of imagery insights ensures that the content you provide meets Walmart's standards. You can also apply additional filters and export your Catalog based on content insights.

August 2022

Item setup and content maintenance by Product Type
  • Previously: Item specs covered only 80 Subcategories, which was too broad to capture product-specific content that customers need to make informed purchases.
  • The solution: With over 6,000 Product Types, the new item specs proactively capture item nuances and raise the content quality of items. By the end of August, 80% of our business units will use the new item specs.
    • If you don't see your Product Type in the available options, you may still set up items and maintain content by Category or Subcategory.
  • The benefits: The accuracy and completeness of an item’s content directly impacts how our customers find the item, add it to their cart, and purchase it on Walmart.com. These new specs ensure the content meets Walmart’s standards.

July 2022

Direct Import Item Setup and Maintenance
  • Previously: You submitted Direct Import Item data in Supplier Quote and set up the items in Online Item File. Direct Import Items are products that our company purchases directly from a supplier or manufacturer in a foreign country and brings into Walmart's country of operation, U.S.A.
  • The solution: After you submit Direct Import Item data in Supplier Quote, you may now view Item Quotes and complete setup of the items in Item 360 if they are:
    • Simple Item Hierarchies (e.g., 1/1 Configurations, Case Pack Configurations like 12/12, or Break Pack Configurations like 12/6)
    • In the following business units: Consumables, ETS, Food, Hardlines, and Home
    • In a "complete" status in Supplier Quote after July 18, 2022
  • The benefits: This launch brings us closer to centralizing 100% of setup and maintenance activities for Domestic and Import Items in Item 360.
For Import Apparel, Assortments, and Shippers, please continue using your existing processes (i.e., Online Item File) until further notice.
Customize item card attributes to show DSV Inventory
  • Previously: DSV suppliers viewed a single item's inventory levels on the DSV Facility Overview page. There was no way to view this data across multiple items at the same time.
  • The solution: When you customize the attributes that appear on items cards in the Products or Item Configurations view of the Catalog, you can select three attributes: DSV - Available to Sell Inventory, DSV - On-Hands Inventory, and DSV - Total Reserved Inventory.
  • The benefits: This enhancement allows DSV suppliers to easily view inventory levels for multiple items without navigating to the DSV Facility Overview page for each item.
Customize item card attributes with custom product attributes
  • Previously: When you customized the attributes that appear on item cards in the Products view of the Catalog, you could select from a predefined set of attributes. To view attributes that were more specific to your items and categories, you needed to go to the Product details in the Catalog.
  • The solution: You are now able to search for and add custom product attributes on top of the existing predefined set of attributes. These custom product attributes will appear on the item cards once you've applied your selections and can be exported in read-only spreadsheets.
  • The benefits: This enhancement allows you to tailor your Catalog view further for more specific Product-level data, so you can quickly find this information and download it in Basic Export spreadsheets.

June 2022

DSV Facility Overview
  • Previously: DSV suppliers didn't have visibility to their facilities in Item 360 and had to use multiple Walmart tools to gain insights into an item’s inventory and other information specific to each of their onboarded facilities.
  • The solution: DSV suppliers can now go to an item's DSV Facility Overview from the Products or Item Configurations view of the Catalog. You may export a read-only spreadsheet with data for all facilities or selected facilities.
  • The benefits: The DSV Facility Overview page provides a comprehensive facility view so DSV suppliers can gain insights into their inventory levels and facility information. This also reduces the number of Walmart tools that DSV suppliers need to use to view their items.

May 2022

Single and bulk supply chain item maintenance
  • Previously: There was no way to make supply chain updates to a single item directly in Item 360. You exported, completed, and uploaded multiple maintenance spreadsheets to manage attributes related to supply chain, store attributes, and replenishment.
  • The solution: The Item Configuration Overview page now includes edit functionality so you can update supply chain data for a single item directly in Item 360. In the Maintenance Hub, we've consolidated the Supply Chain, Store Attributes, and Replenishment categories into one category named Item Configuration & Supply Chain.
  • The benefits: The ability to view and edit all supply chain attributes directly in Item 360 allows you to make simple changes from a single page and reduces time spent downloading, completing, and uploading files. Also, upfront validations help reduce errors and directly improve the success rate of submissions. The consolidation of maintenance categories makes it easier to find the attributes you want to update in bulk and reduces the number of spreadsheets you need to complete specific tasks.

April 2022

Reuse supply item data when you clone an existing item
  • Previously: During the Create New Item Configuration workflow, our system automatically pre-populated relevant product level data when you completed the item setup process.
  • The solution: Now, our system also automatically pre-populates relevant supply item level data when you complete the item setup process. These attributes appear on the Trade Item Configurations tab when you complete item setup of a new Owned or DSD configuration directly in Item 360.
  • The benefits: This enhancement simplifies the workflow by reducing the amount of data you need to provide from scratch.

March 2022

Edit item configuration and supply chain details directly in Item 360 (pilot users)
  • Previously: You updated item configuration and supply chain details by exporting spreadsheets from the Maintenance Hub and uploading them back into Item 360. Some workflows required you to download multiple spreadsheets (e.g., 1 for Supply Chain, 1 for Store Attributes, and 1 for Replenishment).
  • The solution: You have the ability to edit item configuration and supply chain details from the Item Configuration Overview page. This includes general supply item attributes as well as attributes related to Base Trade, Pricing & Cost, Logistics & Transportation, Source & Destination, Store Handling, and Replenishment.
  • The benefits: This feature allows you to easily manage item configuration and supply chain details directly in Item 360 – and all on one page. Each section of attributes has an Edit link. Once you've made all of your edits, simply click Submit at the bottom of the page.

December 2021

Clone an item
  • Previously: When you wanted to add a new configuration of an existing item, you started in the Setup Hub and answered the item setup questionnaire. The system pre-populated data based on the information you provided.
  • The solution: Click Create new item configuration from an existing item or item configuration card in the Catalog. You can keep the existing properties, or update the selling channel, fulfillment method, supplier, and contract number for the new configuration. This action allows you to bypass the item setup questionnaire and continue setting up the configuration directly in Item 360.
  • The benefits: When you create a new configuration from an existing item or item configuration, the system will automatically reuse relevant product-level attributes to simplify the item setup process and save you time.

October 2021

New requirements for State Restrictions
  • Previously: State Restrictions was an optional attribute during setup of Shared, Online, or DSV items. For items that are restricted, you selected the State from a drop-down menu and then entered the ZIP Codes and the reason for the restriction.
  • The solution: You're required to provide State Restrictions (i.e., Sale Restrictions) during setup of all items – Shared, Online, DSV, and DSD. First, select a Restriction Type from the drop-down menu. Then, provide the States or ZIP Codes if the item has restrictions.
    • If the item has no restrictions, select "None" for the Restriction Type and do not provide any States or ZIP Codes.
  • The benefits: These new requirements meet guidelines set by Walmart's legal and compliance team. You can specify whether a sale restriction is Commercial (restricted for any reason outside of state or local laws), Illegal for Sale (restricted by a federal, state, or local law/regulation), or None (has no restrictions). For items that have restrictions, you can provide multiple States – in the same cell – or multiple ZIP Codes.
    • States: The item will not be sold anywhere in the specified states. Remember to enter the State Codes (e.g., CA, AR, AL), not the entire state names.
    • ZIP Codes: The item will not be sold in the specified ZIP Codes (i.e., the item will be sold in all other ZIP Codes in those states).

June & July 2021

A new version of your Catalog
  • Previously: You could search and browse for items in the Catalog, but there was no way to customize your Catalog view to your preferences.
  • The solution: This new version of the Catalog allows you to select the view you use most frequently and save it as your default view. You can customize the item cards to show the attributes that matter to you most. The Product ID search accepts more ID types, and more robust filters provide additional ways to narrow down your search for items.
  • The benefits: These features give you more control when searching for items and item data, so you can find and export what you're looking for quickly.
For more details, read about Setting and Customizing Your Catalog.

*If you've been selected as a pilot supplier, we'd love to hear your thoughts about this new version of your catalog. Click the link in the blue banner at the top of your Catalog to email us.

April 2021

GDSN Publications in the Setup Hub and Activity Manager
  • Previously: If you use a data pool provider to publish synced item info with GDSN (which is recommended but not required), there was no way to view the publications in Item 360.
  • The solution: By default, your Setup Hub shows new GDSN Publications. You can view all GDSN Publications – including publication types other than new – in the Activity Manager.
  • The benefits: This feature provides more visibility between GDSN and Walmart's systems and helps pre-populate your item setup spreadsheet with the trade items you select for each configuration.
For more details, read about GDSN Publications in the Setup Hub and Activity Manager.

March 2021

Discard submissions in your Activity Manager
  • The issue: Incorrect or duplicate submissions are cluttering up the Supplier Action Required or Walmart Action Required status in your Activity Manager. Currently, activities are purged from the system after 90 days.
  • The fix: Each activity card now has dots at the bottom right corner. When you click the dots, you'll see the option to Discard Submission has been added. If the link is enabled, you can remove the activity and the activity status will automatically change to Discarded.
  • The benefits: The ability to discard incorrect or duplicate submissions allows you to find and focus on the submissions that matter to you. With this new feature, you can remove submissions that aren't needed and stuck in the Supplier Action Required or Walmart Action Required status.

February 2021

Upload videos and other rich media for your items
  • The issue: Walmart's item management tools didn't provide a way for suppliers to upload and manage rich media for items.
  • The fix: In the Maintenance Hub, you can now download a spreadsheet to manage rich media – like product videos and 360 spins – for existing items in the catalog.
  • The benefits: Providing high-quality content like videos and 360 spins provides better experiences for our customers on Walmart.com and on our mobile app. With this new feature, you can manage your rich media content directly in Item 360.
For more details, click here to read about managing rich media in Item 360.

January 2021

Content and image submissions* will route to our Content Operations teams for approval if your changes aren't appearing on Walmart.com
  • The issue: Your content and images don't appear on Walmart.com as a result of content ownership/ranking issues.
  • The fix: Moving forward, your submissions will be routed to our Content Operations teams for approval. If approved, your content and images will show on Walmart.com and in the Item 360 Catalog.
  • The benefits: If your content and images don't appear on Walmart.com due to content ownership/ranking issues, you no longer need to contact your merchant or Partner Support to submit those changes on your behalf. In addition, this helps ensure your items are reviewed so they can have the highest quality and most up-to-date content available.
    *Image files are now included in this process as of June 2021.
GDSN Item Setup Improvements
  • The issue: Your pre-populated item setup spreadsheet shows multiple configurations for the item when you only published one new configuration via GDSN/your data pool provider.
  • The fix: In the item setup questionnaire, you can now select the check box to pre-populate your item setup spreadsheet with the new GDSN publications only.
  • The benefits: This helps reduce confusion around which configurations are pre-populated in your item setup spreadsheet. In turn, that helps ensure you are only creating the new item configurations when you upload the file back into Item 360.
Title & Description Insights & Recommendations
  • The issue: How to improve the overall content quality score of an item.
  • The fix: This feature gives all suppliers access from the Home page to insights that can help improve the item's overall content quality score. Title and Description Insights may be provided for these attributes: Product Name, Key Features, and Site Description. Once you've reviewed the recommendations, you can make and submit your changes directly in Item 360.
  • The benefits: Providing high-quality content provides better experiences for our customers on Walmart.com and on our mobile app. With this new feature, you have a quick way to see which items have content that can be improved. This also helps reduce the number of requests coming from your merchants to update the attributes.

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