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Setup is not yet supported in Item 360 for: Assortments, Import Shippers (General Merchandise), Pharmacy, and Fees. Please continue using your current processes (e.g., legacy workflows or systems).

Our Item Basics & Item 360 Basics self-paced courses cover basic Walmart item concepts and navigation of Item 360 – the tool that suppliers use to create, maintain, and view Walmart item data.

Here are some common questions and answers about items and Item 360 basics:

1. Can variants now be maintained and updated by suppliers?

No. Currently, variants cannot be maintained by suppliers in Item 360. Please work with your merchants to maintain variants.

2. Can I delete items or make items inactive in Item 360?

Yes, you can update the Supply Item Status Code for Owned or DSD items. Refer to this article for more information.

Do not change the Supply Item Status Code if the item has on-hands or on-orders because that will cause issues with receiving.

3. How do I realign my images?

Please view our Item 360 - Images, Rich Media, and Key Content course for instructions on how to realign your images.

4. Can the Supplier Stock Number be maintained in Item 360?

Yes, you can update the Supplier Stock Number for store or shared items in Item 360. Select the Item Configuration & Supply Chain category in the Maintenance Hub to download your spreadsheet.

5. How do I update costs for eCommerce-only items?

eCommerce-only item cost updates should be made using Item 360. The Cost Change Scenario application no longer supports cost changes. Refer to this article for more information.

6. Is there a course on variants?

Refer to these articles for information on variants in Item 360.

7. In the Products view of the Catalog, when searching by GTIN, why aren't the Walmart Item Numbers (WINs) available?

The Products view of the Catalog shows one card for each Sellable GTIN. To view the Walmart Item Numbers associated to the searched GTIN, switch to the Item Configurations view of the Catalog. The Item Configurations view shows one card for each Walmart Item Number.

8. Can I set up a shipper if I don't have Walmart Item Numbers (WINs) for the individual items yet?

No, you will not receive a Shipper Prime Walmart Item Number (aka Parent Walmart Item Number) until all the Content items (aka Child or Baby items) in the shipper have an active Walmart Item Number associated to them.

9. How do I change the Replenishment Item Type/Sub Type?

These attributes are currently Read-Only in Item 360, so suppliers can view – but not edit – Replenishment Item Type/Sub Type.

10. Do we create assortment items through Item 360, or is that not yet supported?

Refer to this article to learn the correct assortment creation process.

11. Can suppliers make an item shared?

Refer to this article to learn the correct process for suppliers to convert Store-Only items to Shared items.

12. What is the best way to verify that item setup is completed?

Your item setup submission will show a "Complete" status in your Item 360 Activity Manager. Refer to this article to learn more about the Activity Manager.

13. When I submit an activity, do I need to email my Walmart merchant or are they notified automatically?

Your Walmart merchant will automatically be notified when a submission is awaiting Walmart action (i.e., shows the "Walmart Action Required" status in the Item 360 Activity Manager).

14. Can item maintenance be done in Item 360 if the item was originally built in GDSN?

This depends on the attributes that you want to maintain. If the attribute is synced to Item 360 from GDSN, you can only maintain the attribute value via your GDSN provider. Other attributes can be maintained in Item 360.

15. Is there a list of the attributes that can be edited by a supplier vs. a Walmart associate?

Refer to this article to view the attributes that are editable by suppliers and/or Walmart associates.

16. How long does it take for updates submitted to be reflected in Item 360?

You should see the updates in your Item 360 Catalog and on the Product Detail Page (PDP) within 24–48 hours after the submission shows the "Complete" status in the Activity Manager.

17. What is the difference between an Item ID and a Walmart Item Number?

The Item ID is a numerical value associated to a Sellable GTIN and appears at the end of the Product Detail Page (PDP) URL on The Walmart Item Number (WIN) is an internal number assigned to a supplier's item configuration of a GTIN and represents how the supplier will sell, ship, and replenish their merchandise. Multiple Walmart Item Numbers (WINs) may be associated to a single GTIN to support numerous agreements between the supplier and Walmart merchant.

18. How do I view Item 360 courses on demand?

You can access direct links to all of our Item 360 self-paced, on-demand courses in this article, or you can view them at or via Retail Link at this path: Academy > Getting Started (under Quick Learning Articles) > Item Setup and Management Basics (under Walmart Item 360 Item Setup).

19. When I click "View on Site" for an item that is Published, sometimes the page cannot be found.

Try updating your location to a ZIP Code where the item should be available. If the page still cannot be found, remember that a number of criteria must be met for an item to appear on

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