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Items in the Walmart Catalog can be online only (not sold in stores), store only (visible on, but only sold in stores) or shared. Here's more information about shared items and how to make an item shared.

What is a shared item?

A shared item is a store item that can also be used as the online item.

Which items can be shared?

  • Items shipped from Owned or DSD (Direct Store Delivery) suppliers can be shared.
    • The Walmart Item Number (WIN) for the store item must meet BOTH criteria below AND the cost/retails/quantities must be the same for your store and online items.
      • Ship to Home (S2H) eligible
      • Not currently set to primary
  • Items shipped from DSV suppliers cannot be shared.

Creating a shared item

  1. Set up the store item using the item setup spreadsheet or directly in Item 360. If you've already done this, skip to Step 2.
    If you run into any errors during item setup, make sure to resolve them before continuing.
  2. Once the store item is set up, find it in the Item Configurations view of your Catalog. Then, send the Walmart Item Number to your Walmart Merchant and request that the store item be made shared.
    On the item card, you'll find the Walmart Item Number at the top left next to the Product Name and the email address next to Merchant.

Need to File a Case Ticket?

Please contact Partner Support. For detailed instructions, refer to this article.

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