Export and Update eCommerce Cost Attributes in Bulk

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Maintenance is not yet supported in Item 360 for: Assortments, Import Shippers (General Merchandise), Pharmacy, and Fees. Please continue using your current processes (e.g., legacy workflows or systems).

The Cost Change Scenario application no longer supports cost changes. You may export a spreadsheet in the Item 360 Maintenance Hub to update the cost for eCommerce items at the Walmart Item Number (configuration) level – across all warehouses and facilities for the items. eCommerce cost updates at the facility level are not supported in Item 360.

Which Attributes Can You Download in this Export?

eCommerce Cost > Attribute Group

eCommerce Cost > Attribute Name


Unit Cost

Export Your Spreadsheet

  1. In the left navigation menu, click Maintenance. Then, click the Cost tile.
  2. Copy and paste up to 5,000 Walmart Item Numbers in the box. Then, click the Download button.

Complete and Submit Your Spreadsheet

  1. Open the spreadsheet and fill in the new value for the unit cost. You can find the attribute definition and data requirements in the row beneath the attribute name.
    By default, your spreadsheet will be named with the date and time it is created. Remember to save your spreadsheet in Excel Workbook, or .xlsx, format when you're done.
  2. To submit your file in Item 360:
    • Click Upload in the left navigation menu.
    • Select Spreadsheet.
    • Click the Next button.
    • Select the file from your computer.
    • Provide an activity description.
    • Click Submit.

Track Your Changes

Read Track Your Activities.

Please allow up to 60 days for your cost update to be approved. If the activity has had the Walmart Action Required status for more than 60 days, file a case ticket and Partner Support will reach out to the merchant on your behalf. 

Common Errors and Ways to Fix Them

If errors are found in your cost submission, you'll receive an email with a link to the activity. Here are some common errors in cost management.

Error Description

What It Means

What You Should Do

Cost submission for item is stale, same costs exist in our system

The cost you submitted for the item already exists in our database.

In the spreadsheet from the activity details, update the cost to a new value and upload the file back into Item 360.

Validation Failure: Please input cost to two decimal places and retry this submission.

There is an invalid number of digits after the decimal point. eCommerce cost is usually truncated to two decimal places.

In the spreadsheet from the activity details, make sure there are only two digits after the decimal point and upload the file back into Item 360.

Validation Failure: Cannot update with zero or null cost. Please retry update.

A $0 or null cost is not accepted by our systems.

In the spreadsheet from the activity details, update the cost to a non-zero value and upload the file back into Item 360.

It looks like there was a glitch. Please try again. If the problem persists, contact Walmart Partner Support.

A system error or technical issue occurred.

Please file a case with Walmart Partner Support. Make sure to include the Activity ID in your case details.

Need to File a Case Ticket?

Please contact Partner Support. For detailed instructions, refer to this article.

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