Item Reuse Logic

Updated 2 months ago ​by Merch Transformation Change Management

If you want to use existing items when completing the item setup spec, please ensure the items in your new setup spreadsheet follow the reuse logic outlined below:

  • Same vendor number 
  • Same pack configuration/pack qty
  • Same GTINs – at all levels (e.g., Each, Case, etc.)
  • The item setup will have to match similar item types:  
    • If the item has a domestic item type of 03, 20, 22, 33, 37 
    • If the item has an import item type of 40, 42, 43  
    • If the item has a DSD item type of 07 (any sub-type except 07) 
    • If the item has a DSV item type & sub-type combination of 07/07

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