Best Practices for Using Item 360

Updated 1 year ago ​by Merch Transformation Change Management

Follow these simple tips and tricks to have a seamless experience in Item 360:

Use Google Chrome

Item 360 will not work in Internet Explorer. Make sure you use Google Chrome when logging in to Item 360. If you don't have it, or if you need to update your version, download Chrome here.

Set Chrome at 100% zoom

Item 360 has functions tucked in every corner! To view the entire site in your Chrome window, make sure the "Zoom" is set to 100%.

Save spreadsheets as .xlsx files

Make sure to save your spreadsheets with the .xlsx extension (also known as Excel Workbook format). Many versions default to Excel 97-2004 Workbook format, which saves files with the .xls extension.

The new specs for item setup by Product Type contain more drop-down menus.

  • You must select a Spec Product Type for each item in your setup spreadsheet as this selection will enable drop-down menus under the green, maroon, orange, and dark blue attribute sections in the file.
    • If you have selected a Spec Product Type and the drop-down menus under the attribute sections aren't working: Consider updating your version of Microsoft Excel to Microsoft Office 365 or later.
  • Make sure you select a valid value from all drop-down menus to prevent errors upon upload.

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