Types of Imagery and Image Guidelines

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Main image (also known as primary image or hero image)

  • Required at the time of item setup (except for Fashion items)
  • Required for an item to be visible on Walmart.com
  • Is the image that appears first on the item page and in search pages

Additional image (also known as a secondary image)

  • Required at the time of item setup (except for Fashion items) — check the data definitions for the minimum number of additional images required for your product type
  • Is any image that appears after the main image — not including swatch images
  • Providing at least one additional image can help optimize item page content
  • If you provide multiple additional images, you can select the order in which they appear on the item page
If your item currently has only two images (one main and one additional) and you want to delete one of them, you will need to upload a replacement image first.

Swatch image

  • Required if the item varies visually (e.g., by color or pattern) from a related item
  • Appears as a smaller image under the variant attribute on the item page

Video thumbnail

You cannot select or update the video thumbnail that appears on Walmart.com.

Image File Specifications

If your items are in Fashion categories, skip to the next section for the image file specifications.


  • File Format: JPEG (.jpg)
  • File Quality: High (8 or better)
  • Color Space: sRGB (sRGB IEC61966-2.1)
  • Bit Depth: 8 bits per pixel
  • Pixel Dimensions: 2200px x 2200px
    • Minimum Pixel Dimensions for Zoom: 1500px x 1500px
    • Swatch Pixel Dimensions: 50px x 50px
  • Resolution: 300 ppi
  • Maximum File Size: 5MB
  • Aspect Ratio: 1:1 (Square)
  • File Naming: GTIN-14 digit (Recommended)
Images compliant with GS1 standards will also be accepted. For more details about image file specifications, please refer to the Style Guide for your Category, Product Type Group, or Walmart Private Brand.

Image File Specifications for Fashion Categories

Fashion imagery should be uploaded via Workhorse. For access, please email ApprIST@walmart.com or saocmUS@walmart.com.

All items listed in the following categories/shelf names must be in “portrait mode” (3:4 aspect ratio) and meet the file specifications listed in the table below:

  • Men's Apparel
  • Women's Apparel
  • Kid's Apparel
  • Baby Apparel
  • Jewelry
  • Watches
  • Shoes
  • Accessories
  • Travel/Luggage


  • File Format: JPEG (.jpg)
  • File Quality: High (8 or better)
  • Color Space: sRGB (sRGB IEC61966-2.1)
  • Bit Depth: 8 bits per pixel
  • Pixel Dimensions:
    • Minimum Pixel Dimensions for Zoom: 1500px x 2000px
    • Swatch Pixel Dimensions: 50px x 50px
  • Resolution: 300 ppi
  • Maximum File Size: 5MB
  • Aspect Ratio: 3:4 (Portrait)
  • File Naming: GTIN-14 digit (Recommended)

If you need more details for items in Fashion categories, please refer to these resources:

  • Style Guides – log in to Supplier Help using your Supplier One account
    • Content Standards - Style Guide - Apparel
    • Content Standards - Style Guide - Baby Garments & Accessories (coming soon!)
    • Content Standards - Style Guide - Bags & Purse Accessories (coming soon!)
    • Content Standards - Style Guide - Bags & Luggage (coming soon!)
    • Content Standards - Style Guide - Bags, Luggage, ID, Travel & Accessories
    • Content Standards - Style Guide - Carried Fashion Accessories
    • Content Standards - Style Guide - Fashion Storage & Care
    • Content Standards - Style Guide - Footwear & Footwear Accessories
    • Content Standards - Style Guide - ID, Card & Money Holders (coming soon!)
    • Fashion Content Standard Guide - Jewelry & Jewelry Accessories
    • Content Standards - Style Guide - Travel Accessories (coming soon!)
    • Content Standards - Style Guide - Underwear, Lingerie Accessories & Maternity Accessories
    • Fashion Content Standard Guide - Watches & Watch Accessories
  • Managing Fashion Samples & Images with Workhorse
  • Size Requirements for Fashion Samples

Image Quality Standards

If your items are in the Toys category, please also review this style guide.


  • All images must be in focus, professionally lit and photographed.
  • Images must be in color.
  • Products in the images should be clean (unscratched, unblemished, undamaged, no fingerprints, etc.).
  • Silo images should be a solid white background,(R:255, G:255, B:255) with no ground shadows unless indicated in the Product Direction for that Product Type. (Does not apply to Graphics, Lifestyle, or other full-bleed images.)
  • The main image should not contain additional graphics, illustrations, logos, watermarks, overlays or text.
  • Images should be centered in the frame.
  • Silo images should be cropped with a 5% border from the edge of the product image to the nearest edge of the frame. Depending on product shape (tall vs wide), this will be either the vertical or horizontal axis. White space should be present on the smaller image dimension to achieve the square image aspect ratio.
  • Lifestyle, Graphics, and Detail images should not have any border.
Do NOT enlarge small images to fill space or meet required pixel dimensions. This reduces image quality.

Prohibited Imagery

  • Images that display explicit nudity or vulgar language. Images that contain obscene material, sexually suggestive, or pornography.
  • Images that contain images of nude or partially nude minors.
  • Images that either portray, glorify or promote in an insensitive way: animal cruelty, any historical or news events, criminal or illegal activity, derogatory stereotyping based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or nationality, hatred, intolerance, natural or man-made disaster(s), tragedy or violence.
  • Images of products marketed to or targeted at kids or teenagers that are not age appropriate.
  • Images that do not reflect the product or associated product description.
  • Selfies or imagery shot on phone cameras.
The above prohibited content applies to ALL RICH MEDIA as well (videos, 360º spin images, marketing content, etc.).

Placeholder images

A placeholder image has no relation to or information about the product.

If images are not yet available for your item, you can use a placeholder image in the interim.

You must submit this Walmart placeholder image in order for our system to properly recognize it


DO NOT create your own placeholder imagery.

Your item will not be published on Walmart.com or Grocery/Pickup until the placeholder image URL has been replaced by a product image that meets Walmart's standard requirements.

For Fashion items

Please continue using your existing processes for imagery (i.e., do not submit a placeholder image URL during item setup in Item 360).

To accommodate Walmart’s Imagery Studio process, the Main Image URL attribute is not required during setup for all seven Fashion categories: Baby Clothing, Carriers & Accessories, Cases & Bags, Clothing, Footwear, Jewelry, and Watches.

Image URLs

For details, read Image URL Specifications.

Upload bulk images without using a template or image URLs

Read Upload Images for Multiple Items.

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