Understanding Our Item Setup Compliance Controls

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When you set up and manage items, keep in mind these important topics to ensure our business continues to operate in compliance with all laws:

Don't set up or submit prohibited items

Some items are prohibited from sale on our sites due to legal reasons or company policy. As a general rule, items classified as any of the following could be prohibited:

  • Illegal
  • A weapon
  • Requires prescription
  • Dangerous/unsafe/hazardous
  • Age restricted
  • Offensive

Check out our full prohibited items list before setting up potentially prohibited items to avoid delisting or delays.

Make sure you are ready for an Environmental Review (WERCS)

WERCS is a 3rd party company that helps Walmart properly identify and handle items classified as hazardous. If your item is or contains any of the following, it will require a WERCS assessment before it can be published on the site:

  • Chemicals
  • Aerosols
  • Pesticides
  • Lithium or lead acid batteries

If an item is flagged for WERCS and you are unfamiliar with the WERCS assessment process, refer to these articles:

Made in the USA claims

Owned products (1P and DSV) cannot have U.S. manufacturing claims in the text of the item page content. Our policy is to remove (i.e., unpublish) all items containing such claims on the item page. As a best practice, any "Made in the USA" verbiage should be removed during item setup.

The correct way to display "Made in the USA" is to upload an image of the item packaging that clearly shows the claim. The image should NOT be edited to include the claim (e.g., adding a seal or text).

Shipping restrictions

Some items cannot be sold in all 50 states or in certain jurisdictions. If your item has such restrictions, you should provide them using the Sale Restrictions attribute (aka State Restrictions) during item setup.

Compliance attributes

During the item setup process, we must collect required data before Walmart can place a purchase order on an item or before an item can be published on the site. This data varies depending on the item setup category.

  • Some of this data is for internal purposes (e.g., Contains Chemical, Aerosol or Pesticide? helps determine how we should handle and store the item).
  • Some of this data is legally required information that customers will see on the item page (e.g., California Prop 65 Warning Text, Ingredients Text, nutrition label information).

Product removals

If you have a product that is subject to a potential safety or regulatory issue (e.g., a product safety recall), open a case with Partner Support to notify the Compliance team for next steps.

Editing item pages

Walmart can be held legally liable for making false claims on item pages. Read the guidelines below before editing any item page content:

  • Make sure all required compliance attribute data is displayed and accurate. This includes food ingredients, Prop 65 warnings, country of origin information, etc.
  • DO NOT make product claims that are not made or verified by you, the supplier.
    • Suppliers are the experts on the products and any marketing or functional claims about them. Information should not be edited without the supplier's input to reduce introducing errors or misinformation that could create customer confusion.
    • Also, any claims made become Walmart's claims, and we must have evidence that they are true and complete before displaying them on the site.
  • Required attribute data (for item content) that was provided by suppliers should not be edited by Walmart associates, unless confirmed by our legal or compliance team.

Items declined by Walmart Compliance

If your Activity Manager shows items declined by the Walmart Compliance team that you don't believe should be declined, you may request a review of the items by contacting Partner Support. Remember to provide the Activity ID in the request.

Have questions or need to file a case ticket?

Please contact Partner Support. For detailed instructions, refer to this article.

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