Why Doesn't My Content Appear on Walmart.com?

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Item 360, the tool that suppliers use for item setup and maintenance, does not change anything about how content is selected for Walmart.com. If you've submitted content and image files that don't appear on the site, you are most likely not the content owner. Here's a quick overview of what you should do if you think you are not the content owner and what content ownership is.

The SLA for content updates to appear on Walmart.com is a maximum of 48 hours. If you run into any issues, try uploading your content in Item 360 again.

What to Do If Your Content and Images Don't Appear on Walmart.com

You should still submit your content changes and image files in Item 360 even if you think you're not the content owner. If your content and images will not appear on Walmart.com due to content ownership, your submission will route to our Content Operations team for review.* If the quality of your content and images is superior to what is currently on the site, the team will approve your submission and the content and images will appear on Walmart.com and in your Item 360 Catalog.

*Image files are now included in this process.

For more details, read Content Ranking and the Ranking Review Process.

Content Ownership

As a supplier or Connected Content Partner (CCP), you're the expert on your items. Likewise, our associates are experts in stores and eCommerce and have unique insight into what makes a customer buy your items. We want to ensure your item's content and images are top-notch in order to provide a better experience for our customers on Walmart.com. Content ownership can vary by attribute, meaning an item's "Description" and "Key Features" may have different content owners. As a result, item pages on Walmart.com often show content from many different content owners.

Key Terms




Any attribute that describes an item, including attributes that Walmart customers don't see on the item page (e.g., Season Code, Is Primary Variant, etc.).  

Content Owner

The user who submitted the content and images that appear on Walmart.com and in tools such as Item 360.

Content Ranking

When multiple users submit content for an attribute, Walmart uses a ranking system to determine which user is the content owner. We want to make sure Walmart.com has the highest quality content and images available, so our merchants have the highest ranking and the final say when it comes to the content that appears on our site. If the content and images you submitted for an item don't appear on Walmart.com or in our tools, you are most likely not the content owner.

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