Content Ranking and the Ranking Review Process

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Here's an overview of Walmart's content ranking system, including what happens if you are not the content owner and which attributes are impacted by the ranking review process.

What Is Content Ranking?

When multiple users provide product content and images for the same item, Walmart's content ranking system determines whose content and images will appear on Users include suppliers, Walmart associates, Walmart's Connected Content Partners, data pool providers that sync with GDSN, marketplace sellers, and more.

The user who submitted the content and images that appear on and in tools such as Item 360 is the content owner. Content ownership can vary by attribute, meaning an item's Description and Key Features may have different content owners. As a result, item pages on often show content from many different content owners.

The Ranking Review Process

If your product content and images will not appear on because you are not the content owner, your submission will route to our Content Operations team for review. If the quality of your content and images is superior to what is currently on the site, the team will approve your content and it will appear on and in your Item 360 Catalog.

Which Attributes Are Impacted by the Ranking Review Process?

All product content attributes that you submit – including image file uploads – go through this ranking review process. Product content is any attribute that describes an item, including attributes that Walmart customers don't see on the item page (e.g., Season Code, Is Primary Variant, etc.).

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