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You need to use these style guides to accurately set up and maintain your items in the Product Type Groups below for the Home Improvement category.

Product Type Groups (PTGs) are a group of similar Product Types with like attributes.

  • If you have questions about which Product Type your item should be, please reach out to your merchant engagement lead.
  • If you have trouble determining which PTG your Product Type falls under, please refer to this spreadsheet and filter down to your Product Type to see which style guide you should look for.

Additionally, all the Product Types included in each guide are listed in the second column. If you do not see your Product Type listed, please check back regularly to find your style guide. New and updated style guides are added weekly.

To learn how to effectively use a style guide, please complete our Style Guide 101 course in the Retail Link Academy.

In Item 360, you can now download a Rich Media maintenance spreadsheet to provide asset URLs for 360 spin images and videos. All other rich media modules will need to go through a third-party content partner.

Accessing the Style Guide PDFs

The PDFs are only available on Supplier Help. Log in using your Supplier One account to view this article with links to the PDFs.

Product Type Groups

Product Types Included

Style Guide

Air Tool Accessories

Air Blow Guns, Air Compressor Pressure Switches, Air Compressor Pumps, Air Compressor Tanks, Air Cylinder Mufflers, Air Hoses, Air Inflation Couplers, Air Pumps, Air Tool Anti-Vibration Pads, Air Tool Fittings

Content Standards - Style Guide - Air Tool Accessories 10.25.22.pdf

Building Supplies

Doors, Drainage Grates, Drywall, Garage Doors, Ladder Accessories, Ladders, Pegboards, Taping Knives, Window & Door Frames, Window Wells, Windows

Content Standards - Style Guide - Building Supplies 10.25.22.pdf

Concrete Supplies

Cement, Cement Mixers, Concrete Air-Entraining Agents, Concrete Bonding Agents, Concrete Chutes, Concrete Darbies, Concrete Kneeboards, Concrete Power Screeds, Concrete Roller Tubes, Concrete Screeds, Concrete Stains & Finishes, Concrete Vibrators, Mortar Mix, Paving Molds

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Construction & Building Materials

Architectural Corbels, Architectural Molding & Trim, Construction Bricks, Construction Flashing, Construction Poles & Pilings, Construction Shingles & Shakes, Construction Siding, Countertops, Leveling Shims, Raw Lumber, Reinforcing Bars, Scaffolding, Staircase & Floor Step Treads, Staircase & Railing Balusters & Newels, Staircase & Railing Handrails, Structural Beams, Structural Straps

Content Standards - Style Guide - Construction & Building Materials 01.20.23.pdf

Decking & Fence Supplies

Deck & Fence Gates, Decking & Fencing Railings & Pickets, Decking Caps, Electric Fence Energizers, Electric Fence Insulators, Electric Fencing, Fence Posts, Fences

Content Standards - Style Guide - Decking & Fence Supplies 08.26.22.pdf

Electrical Equipment

Cable Insertion & Extraction Tools, Cable Markers, Cable Testers, Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Combination Alarms, Carbon Monoxide Alarms, Circuit Breaker Panels, Circuit Breakers, Circuit Testers, Cord Reels, Current Testers, Electric Motors, Electric Power Testers, Electrical Ballasts, Electrical Boxes, Electrical Conduit Fittings, Electrical Fuses, Electrical Outlets, Electrical Plugs, Electrical Switches, Electrical System Relays, Electrical Wire, Extension Cords, Grounding Braids, Household Sensors & Alarms, Household Water Sensors, Interconnect Terminals, Light Dimmers & Switches, Metal Detectors, Motion Detectors, Pipe & Cable Locators, Smoke Alarms, Voltage Testers, Wire Connectors, Wire Looms & Separators

Coming soon!


Collated Nails, Door Latches & Bolts, Hardware Anchors, Hardware Biscuits & Plugs, Hardware Bolts, Hardware Hooks, Hardware Joint Fasteners, Hardware Nails, Hardware Nuts, Hardware Pins, Hardware Retaining Rings, Hardware Rivets, Hardware Screws, Hardware Spacers & Standoffs, Hardware Threaded Inserts, Hardware Tolerance Rings, Hardware Turnbuckles, Hardware Washers, Nut & Bolt Sets

Coming soon!

Floor & Ceiling Supplies

Acid Cleaners, Carpet, Carpet Installer Knee Kickers, Carpet Stretchers, Carpet Underlayments, Ceiling Suspension Systems, Ceiling Tile, Floor Coating, Floor Finish Compounds, Floor Leveling Compounds, Flooring Materials, Hardware Adhesives, Interlocking Floor Mats, Tile, Tile Grout

Coming soon!

Hand Tools

Anvils, Automotive Filter Wrenches, Awls, Caulking Guns, Chisels, Clamps, Flaring Tools, Grease Guns, Hammers, Hand Drills, Hand Files & Rasps, Hand Planes, Hand Tampers, Hand Tool Crimpers & Strippers, Hand Tool Cutters, Hand Tool Nippers, Hand Tool Punches, Handsaws, Hex Tools, Honing Guides, Jigs, Magnetic Sweepers, Manual Grinders, Manual Nibbler Tools, Masonry Brushes, Masonry Floats, Masonry Forms, Multitools, Nail Pullers, Nut Splitters, Paving Breaker Frost & Asphalt Wedges, Pipe Benders, Plaster Hawks, Pliers, Pry Bars, Pullers, Riveters, Screwdrivers, Socket Wrenches & Sets, Staple Guns, Stud Finders, Surface-Forming Tools, Tap Extractors, Threading Dies, Threading Taps, Tool Sets, Trowels, Utility Knives, Vises, Wrenches

Coming soon!


Barn Door Hardware Kits, Bungee Cords, Cabinet & Furniture Drawer Slides, Cabinet & Furniture Pulls, Cable Ties, Door Bottoms & Sweeps, Door Closers, Door Grilles, Door Handle Sets, Door Kick Plates, Door Knockers, Door Mail Slots, Door Strike Plates, Door Thresholds, Door Viewers, Doorknobs, Doorstops, Dowel Pins, Dowels, Eyes, Furniture Grippers, Pads & Sliders, Furniture Legs, Furniture Touch-Up Kits, Garage Door Opener Systems & Supplies, Garage Door Remotes, Hardware Back Plates, Hardware Braces, Hardware Brackets, Hardware Bumpers, Hardware Chain Links, Hardware Chains, Hardware Clips, Hardware Grommets, Hardware Hasps, Hardware Hinges, Hardware Knobs, Hardware Latches & Catches, Hardware Lid Stays & Supports, Hardware Locks, Hardware Snaps, Hardware Springs, Hardware Threaded Rods, House Numbers & Letters, Joiner Tenons, Key Blanks, Lock Replacement Sets, Metalworking Spring Plungers, Padlocks, Picture Hangers & Kits, Repair Patch Kits, Rod Couplers, Ropes, Screen Rolls, Security Bars, Security Door Chains & Guards, Staple Gun Staples, String & Twine, Twist Ties, Window & Door Sills, Window & Sliding Door Moveable Stops, Window Balances, Window Operators

Coming soon!

Heating & Cooling

Ducting, Heating & Cooling Registers, Grilles & Vents, Heating Radiators, Household Vents & Ventilation, Radiant Barriers, Replacement Heating Elements & Igniters, Replacement Inducer Blower Motors, Space Heaters, Thermal Cutoffs, Thermostat Guards, Thermostat Wall Plates, Thermostats, Vent Air Deflectors, Ventilation Fans

Coming soon!

Kitchen & Bath Fixtures

Bathroom Side Splashes, Bathroom Vanity Tops, Bathtub Walls, Bathtubs, Bidet Attachments, Bidet Toilet Seats, Bidets, Faucet Air Gaps, Faucet Escutcheon Plates, Faucets, Garbage Disposal Switches, Mounted Soap Dispensers, Shower Bases, Shower Doors, Shower Enclosures, Shower Hoses, Shower Stalls, Shower Steam Generators, Shower Steam Head Controls, Shower Steam Heads, Shower Valve Trim, Showerhead Filters, Showerheads & Handheld Showers, Sink Aerators, Sink Mats, Sink Pedestals, Sink Side Sprays, Sink Sound Dampening Kits, Sinks, Steam Showers, Toilet Bowls, Toilet Seats, Toilet Tank Balls & Rods, Toilet Tank Repair Kits, Toilet Tanks, Toilets, Urinals, Water Diverter Trim

Content Standards - Style Guide - Kitchen & Bath Fixtures 08.22.23.pdf

Material Handling

Chain & Rope Fittings, Chain Hoists, Conveyor Belting, Dollies, Drywall Lifts, Festoon Systems, Forklift Booms, Forklifts, Gantry Cranes, Hand Trucks, Hardware Grab Hooks, Hardware Hoist Rings, Jib Cranes, Lifting Clamps, Lifting Cranes, Lifting Hoists, Lifting Magnets, Lifting Tables, Load Binders, Loading Dock Bumpers, Loading Dock Levelers, Loading Dock Plates, Material Handling Equipment Wheels, Material Handling Securing Straps, Moving Straps, Pallet Busters, Pallet Covers, Pallet Scales, Pallet Trucks, Pallets, Panel Carriers, Personnel Lifts, Platform Trucks & Carts, Pulley Blocks, Pulleys, Roller Stands, Scissor Lifts, Snatch Rigging Blocks, Transport Drums, Trolleys, Vacuum Lifters

Coming soon!

Measuring Tools

Calipers, Carpentry Squares, Flow Meters, Force Gauges, Goniometers, Hand Tool Squares, Laser Detectors, Levels, Measurement Lasers, Measuring & Layout Chalk Line Tools, Measuring Tape, Measuring Wheels, Moisture Meters, Multimeters, Plumb Bobs, Pressure Gauges, Water Pressure Gauges

Coming soon!

Painting Supplies & Wall Treatments

Caulk, Construction Adhesive, Decorative Wall Panels, Drop Cloths, Empty Paint Cans, Epoxy Adhesives, Epoxy Coatings, Heat Guns, Household Paint Thinners & Solvents, Household Paintbrushes, Household Paints & Stains, Joint Compound, Paint Can Liners, Paint Chips, Paint Primers, Paint Roller Trays, Paint Rollers & Roller Sets, Paint Samples, Paint Strainers, Plaster, Putty Knives, Sandpaper, Spray Guns, Spray Paints, Surface Protection Film, Tarps, Wall Fillers, Wallpaper, Wallpaper Smoothing Tools, Wallpaper Strippers, Wood Finish

Content Standards - Style Guide - Painting Supplies & Wall Treatment 10.06.23.pdf

Plumbing Supplies

Air-Powered Drain Clearing Tools, Backflow Prevention Assemblies, Drain Cleaning Machines, Drain Cocks, Drain Snakes, Drainage Systems, Gas Line Connectors, Industrial Sealants, Pipe & Plumbing Strainers, Pipe & Plumbing Tubing, Pipe Bevelers, Pipe Caps, Pipe Fitting Floor Flanges, Pipe Fitting Reducers, Pipe Fittings & Couplers, Pipe Freezing Tools, Pipe Hogs, Pipe Inspection Cameras, Pipe Stands & Supports, Plumbing O-Rings & Seals, Plumbing Pipes, Plumbing Pumps, Power Water & Condensate Pumps, Recirculating Pumps, Septic Tank Treatments, Toilet Flappers, Toilet Plungers, Toilet Tank Levers, Toilet Trip Levers, Valves, Water Diverters, Water Heater Connectors, Water Heater Pans, Water Heaters, Water Softeners, Water Tanks, Water Transfer Pumps

Coming soon!

Power Equipment

Air Compressors, Arbor Presses, Drill Presses, Dust Collectors, Hydraulic Presses, Lathes, Power Milling Machines

Coming soon!

Power Tools

Drill Drivers, Hammer Drills, Ice Augers, Impact Drivers, Impact Wrenches, Nail Guns, Oscillating Power Tools, Paving Breakers, Plate Compactors, Plate Joiners, Power Grinders, Power Jointers, Power Planers, Power Rotary Tools, Power Sand Blasters, Power Sanders, Power Saws, Power Screwdrivers, Power Shapers, Power Shears & Nibblers, Power Tool Polishers, Power Tool Sets, Power Tools, Rotary Hammers, Screw Guns, Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaners, Woodworking Routers

Coming soon!

Roofing Supplies

Chimney Caps, Cupolas, Roof Caps, Roof Coating, Roof Gutter Accessories, Roof Gutters, Roof Soffit Material, Roof Thatching, Roof Trusses, Skylights

Coming soon!

Tools Accessories

Abrasive Belt Cleaners, Abrasive Sanding Belts, Abrasive Wheels & Discs, Abrasives, Belt Drives, Blade Dispensers, Blade Sharpeners, Drill Bit Extensions, Drill Bit Sharpeners, Drill Bit Tip Holders, Drill Bits & Sets, Drill Chucks, Dust Extractor Telescope Hoses, Extension Poles, Handsaw Blades, Home Improvement Installation Aids, Lathe Centers, Lathe Cole Jaws, Lathe Cylindrical Rollers, Lathe Spindle Adapters, Lathe Steady Rests, Lathe Tool Rests, Lathe Tools, Miter Boxes, Mobile Power Tool Bases, Power Rotary Tool Chuck Arbors, Power Rotary Tool Chucks, Power Rotary Tool Collets, Power Rotary Tool Mandrels, Power Tool Blades, Power Tool Stands, Pressure Regulators, Rubbing Bricks, Sanding Blocks, Sanding Frames, Saw Horses, Sharpening Stones, Shovel Handles, Tool Bags, Tool Balancers, Tool Belts, Tool Boxes & Organizers, Tool Handles, Tool Lanyards, Tool Sheaths, Work Safety Eye Protection, Workbenches

Coming soon!

Weatherproofing Supplies

Insulation, Weather Stripping, Weatherproofing Garage Door Seals, Weatherproofing Pipe Coverings, Weatherproofing Window Insulation Kits

Content Standards - Style Guide - Weatherproofing Supplies 10.25.22.pdf

Welding & Soldering Supplies

Brazing & Welding Flux, Brazing & Welding Rods, Brazing Torches, Desoldering Wicks, Fume Extractor Arms, Fume Extractors, Gas Cutting Torches, Gas Mixers, Plasma Cutters, Solder, Soldering & Desoldering Stations, Soldering Guns & Irons, Soldering Pots, Soldering Tips, Water Coolant Systems, Welders, Welding Alloys, Welding Cable Connectors, Welding Carts, Welding Electrodes, Welding Helmets, Welding Hoses, Welding Tips

Coming soon!

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