Style Guides for the Vehicle Category

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We’ve recently launched a new WEBSITE for Content Standards.

Here you will find answers to questions about Image Specifications, Image Types, SEO, Copy Guidelines, Rich Media, CCPs and more.

The images, copy, attributes, and rich media you provide are critical in helping our customers make their purchasing decisions.

You need to use these style guides to accurately set up and maintain your items in the Product Type Groups below for the Vehicle category.

Product Type Groups (PTGs) are a group of similar Product Types with like attributes.

  • If you have questions about which Product Type your item should be, please reach out to your merchant engagement lead.
  • If you have trouble determining which PTG your Product Type falls under, please refer to this spreadsheet and filter down to your Product Type to see which style guide you should look for.

Additionally, all the Product Types included in each guide are listed in the second column. If you do not see your Product Type listed, please check back regularly to find your style guide. New and updated style guides are added weekly.

To learn how to effectively use a style guide, please complete our Style Guide 101 course in the Retail Link Academy.

In Item 360, you can now download a Rich Media maintenance spreadsheet to provide asset URLs for 360 spin images and videos. All other rich media modules will need to go through a third-party content partner.

Accessing the Style Guide PDFs

The PDFs are only available on Supplier Help. Log in using your Supplier One account to view this article with links to the PDFs.

Product Type Groups

Product Types Included

Style Guide

Auto Body Works Paints

Automotive Body Filler & Patches, Automotive Body Paint, Automotive Cleaners, Polishes & Waxes, Automotive Dent Pullers, Automotive Engine Paint, Automotive Paint Pens, Automotive Topcoating, Automotive Touch-Up Paints, Automotive Undercoating, Marine Paints, Paint Reducers & Retarders, Paint Strippers & Removers, Power Paint Sprayers, Truck Bed Coating, Scratch Repair Kits

Content Standards - StyleGuide - Auto Body Works Paints 04.15.24.pdf

Auto Exterior & Interior Parts

Automotive Exterior Parts, Automotive Interior Parts, Automotive Bumper End Caps, Automotive Cab Fairings, Automotive Diffusers & Splitters, Automotive Exterior Trim, Automotive Grille Inserts, Automotive Handles & Cranks, Automotive Installable Roofs, License Plates, Automotive Panels & Trim, Automotive Shifter Knobs & Handles, Pedals, Pedal Covers, Seat Belts, Sunglass Visor Clips, Windshield Visors, Wheel Trim Rings, Vehicle Windshields

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Auto Safety & Protection Accessories

Anti-Theft Devices, Automotive Brush & Grille Guards, Automotive Bumpers, Automotive Diagnostic Tools, Automotive Door Guards, Automotive Door Sill Plates, Automotive Glow Plugs, Automotive Hood Shields & Bug Deflectors, Automotive Locking Devices, Automotive Lockout Tools, Automotive Oxygen Sensors, Automotive Push Bars, Automotive Remote Starters, Automotive Safety Parts & Accessories, Automotive Skid Plates, Automotive Valances, Emergency Fuel Containers, Emergency Road Flares, Seat Belt Extenders, Seat Belt Locking Clips, Towing Locks, Vehicle Escape Tools, Vehicle Tracking Systems

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Automotive Covers

ATV Covers, Automotive Bumper Covers & Guards, Automotive Dashboard Covers, Automotive Light Covers & Guards, Automotive Seat Covers, Automotive Steering Wheel Covers, Automotive Tire Covers, Automotive Winch Covers, Motorcycle Covers, RV Covers, RV Wheel Covers, Truck Tonneau Covers, Vehicle Covers

Content Standards - Style Guide - Automotive Covers 03.06.24.pdf

Automotive Exterior Accessories

Antenna Toppers, Automotive Bug & Tar Remover, Automotive Bumper End Caps, Automotive Cab Fairings, Automotive Cargo Boxes, Automotive Cargo Nets, Automotive Decals & Stickers, Automotive Diffusers & Splitters, Automotive Exterior Trim, Automotive Fenders & Fender Flares, Automotive Fog Light Accessories & Mounting Hardware, Automotive Grille Inserts, Automotive Grilles, Automotive Headlight Restorer, Automotive Headliner Retainers, Automotive Hones & Brushes, Automotive Hood Scoops, Automotive Installable Roofs, Automotive License Plates, Automotive Mirror Overlays, Automotive Panels & Trim, Automotive Rack Load Bars, Automotive Racks, Automotive Reflectors, Automotive Spoilers & Wings, Automotive Steps, Automotive Trailers, Automotive Winch Remote Controls, Automotive Window Louvers, Exterior Automotive Accessories, License Plate Frames, Rearview Mirrors, Side View Mirrors, Tie-Down Ratcheting, Tow Straps, Towing Mirrors, Trailer Weight Distributing Systems, Truck Bed Extenders, Truck Bed Liners, Vehicle Windshields, Wheel Trim Rings, Windshield Scrapers

Coming soon!

Automotive Interior Accessories

Automotive Air Fresheners, Automotive Ashtrays, Automotive Cigarette Lighters & Plugs, Automotive Clock, Thermometer & Compass Combination Sets, Automotive Clocks, Automotive Clothes Bars & Rods, Automotive Consoles, Automotive Decorative Interior Hardware & Accessories, Automotive Handles & Cranks, Automotive Interior Thermometers, Automotive Key Holders, Automotive Litter Bags & Baskets, Automotive Organizers, Automotive Panel Clocks, Automotive Seat Cushions, Automotive Seat Heaters, Automotive Shifter Knobs & Handles, Automotive Sun Visors, Automotive Window Shades, Cigarette Lighter Adapters, Pedal Covers, Pedals, Seat Belt Pads, Seat Belts, Sunglass Visor Clips, Vehicle Cup Holders, Window Tints, Windshield Visors

Coming soon!

Automotive Lights

Automotive Clearance Lights, Automotive Exterior Decorative Lights, Automotive Fog Lights, Automotive Interior Lights, Automotive Light Bars, Automotive Light Bulbs, Automotive Light Lenses, Automotive Marker Lights, Headlights, Motorcycle Lights, Spotlights, Tail Lights, Under-Car Lighting

Content Standards - Style Guide - Automotive Lights 02.14.23.pdf

Automotive Tools & Equipment Accessories

Automotive Creepers, Automotive Drain Pans, Automotive Glass Repair Tools, Automotive Jump Starters, Automotive Part Pullers & Installers, Automotive Spray Guns, Battery Acid Fillers, Coating Thickness Gauges, Fuel Distributors, Fuel Injection Accessories & Parts, Hoist & Winch Accessories, Jack Stands, Lifting Jacks, Vehicle Lifts

Content Standards - Style Guide - Automotive Tools & Equipment Accessories 06.21.23.pdf


Alternator & Battery Testers, Automotive Batteries, Automotive Battery Chargers, Automotive Battery Heaters, Battery Mounting & Installation Parts & Hardware, Power Inverters, Vehicle Batteries, Vehicle Charging Stations

Content Standards - Style Guide - Battery 05.08.23.pdf


Automotive Brakes, Brake Launch Controls, Brake Pad Spreaders, Brake Booster Filters, Brake Shoes, Pads & Drums, Vehicle Brake Pads, Vehicle Rotors

Coming soon!

Car Electronics

Car Cassette Adapters, Car CD Changers, Car Dash Cameras, Car In-Dash Units, Car Speakerphones, Car Speakers, Car Subwoofers, Car Video Monitors, Heated Car Blankets, Radar Detectors, Vehicle Audio Amplifiers, Vehicle Speakers

Content Standards - Style Guide - Car Electronics 11.21.22.pdf

Engine Replacement Parts

Automotive Dipsticks, Automotive Drain Plugs, Automotive Radiator Repair Parts & Hardware, Hydraulic Filters, Piston Connecting Rods, Piston Rings, Pistons, Pneumatic Air Cylinders

Content Standards - Style Guide - Engine Replacement Parts 04.03.23.pdf


Automatic Transmission Filters, Cabin Air Filters, Coolant Filters, Engine Air Filters, Fuel Filters, Motor Oil Filters, Power Steering Filters

Content Standards - Style Guide - Filters 01.03.23.pdf

Floor Mats

Automotive Carpet & Flooring, Automotive Floor Mats

Content Standards - Style Guide - Floor Mats 08.09.23.pdf


Automotive Gaskets, Cylinder Head Gaskets, Exhaust Gaskets, Intake Manifold Gaskets, Oil Pan Gaskets, Throttle Body Gaskets, Valve Cover Gaskets

Content Standards - Style Guide - Gaskets 01.05.23.pdf


Automotive Hitch & Towing Parts & Sets, Automotive Hitch Ball Mounts, Automotive Hitch Balls, Automotive Hitch Clips & Pins, Automotive Hitch Covers, Automotive Hitch Drawbars, Automotive Hitch Steps, ATV Hitches, Towing Receiver Adapters & Hitch Extenders, Towing Trailer Couplers

Coming soon!

Installation Kit

Automotive Adhesives, Automotive Aerodynamics Kits, Automotive Backup Camera Systems, Automotive Dashboard Trim Kits, Automotive Fluid Change Kits, Automotive Glass Repair Compounds, Automotive Heating & Air Conditioning Repair Tools & Kits, Automotive Line Disconnect Tools, Automotive Shifter Boots & Kits, Automotive Steering Wheel Mounting Hardware & Kits, Car Electronics Installation Kits, Emergency Roadside Kits, Fuel Tank & Line Repairs, Headlight Repair Kits, Printed Circuit Assemblies, Rearview Mirror Repair Kits, Tire Replacement Tools & Kits, Vehicle Backup Cameras, Vehicle Body Repair Kits

Coming soon!

Motor Vehicles

All-Terrain Vehicles, Golf Carts, Motorcycles, Tractors, Utility Terrain Vehicles

Coming soon!

Motorcycle & Terrain Vehicle Accessories

ATV Accessories, ATV Bumpers, ATV Cargo Storage, ATV Footwear, ATV Gloves, ATV Ramps, Motorcycle Accessories, Motorcycle Bags, Motorcycle Boots, Motorcycle Glasses, Motorcycle Gloves, Motorcycle Goggles, Motorcycle Helmets, Motorcycle Jackets, Motorcycle Jacks, Motorcycle Mirrors, Motorcycle Tubes, Motorsport Pants, Off-Road Goggles, Off-Road Helmets, UTV Accessories

Coming soon!

Oil, Lubricants & Fluids

Antifreeze & Coolants, Automatic Transmission Fluids, Automotive Additives, Automotive Refrigerant, Brake Cleaners, Brake Fluids, Diesel Exhaust Fluid, Electric Parts Cleaners, Engine Degreasers, Gear Oil, Hydraulic Oils, Liquid Fuels, Lubricating Oil, Machine & Tool Lubricants, Motor Oil, Power Steering Fluid, Specialty Oils, Starting Fluid, Tire Sealer & Foam, Windshield Washer Fluid

Content Standards - Style Guide - Oil Lubricants & Fluid 09.19.23.pdf

Replacement Electrical Parts & Equipment

Automotive Alarms, Automotive Backup Alarms & Sensors, Automotive Control Module, Automotive Flex Tubes & Wire Sleeves, Automotive Fuse Blocks, Automotive Heating Parts, Automotive Pigtails & Sockets, Automotive Refrigeration & Warming Units, Automotive Starters, Electronic Component Sensors, Ignition Coils, Spark Plug Wires, Towing Tail Light Converters, Vehicle Switches, Wiring Connectors & Kits

Coming soon!

Replacement Parts & Spares

ATV Parts, Automotive Air Conditioning Parts, Automotive Coil Springs, Automotive Dash Panels, Automotive Disc Brake Simulators, Automotive Door Panels, Automotive Horns, Automotive Lift Supports, Automotive Replacement Belts, Automotive Shock Absorbers, Automotive Specialty Parts, Automotive Specialty Tools, Automotive Struts, Automotive Valve Stems & Caps, Automotive Winch Replacement Parts & Hardware, Automotive Window Regulators, Brake System Replacement Parts & Hardware, Coilover Spring and Shock Assemblies, Fuel Flow Instruments, Fuel Injectors, Intake Manifolds, Lug Bolts, Lug Nuts, Motorcycle Horns, Motorcycle Parts, Motorcycle Stands, Odometers, Resonators, Small Engines, Spark Plugs, Speed Reducers, Speedometers, Suspension Bushings, Suspension Control Arms, Suspension Leveling Kits, Suspension Lift Kits, Suspension Lowering Kits, Suspension Stabilizer Bars, Tachometers, Throttle Bodies, Throttle Body Spacers, Vehicle Clutches, Vehicle Mufflers, Wheel Bearings, Windshield Wiper Tubes & Hoses

Coming soon!

Replacement Parts Accessories

Automotive Battery Clamps, Automotive Custom Hoods, Automotive Distributor Caps, Automotive Electrical Parts & Accessories, Automotive Filter Installation & Mounting Accessories, Automotive Fluid Change Pumps & Drains, Automotive Fuel Tank Caps, Automotive Headliners, Automotive Keys & Remotes, Automotive Seats, Automotive Steering Wheels

Coming soon!

RV Parts & Accessories

RV Accessories, RV Awnings, RV Exterior Accessories, RV Ladders, RV Leveling Blocks, RV Parts, RV Sewer System Accessories, RV Stabilizers, RV Steps, RV Water System Accessories

Content Standards - Style Guide - RV Parts & Accessories 11.02.22.pdf


Tires, Farm Tires, Motorcycle Tires, ATV Tires, Bicycle Tires, Tires (All Others)

Content Standards - Style Guide - Tires 10.13.23.pdf

Tires & Wheel Accessories

Automotive Mud Flaps & Splash Guards, Automotive Snow Chains, Tire Patching & Plugging Tools, Tire Pressure Gauges, Tire Pumps, Tire Steps, Vehicle Ramps, Wheel Chocks & Stops

Content Standards - Style Guide - Tires & Wheel Accessories 11.11.22.pdf


ATV Wheels, Automotive Rims, Automotive Wheel Bearing Protectors, Automotive Wheel Covers & Hub Caps

Content Standards - Style Guide - Wheels 01.09.23.pdf


Automotive Winch Fairleads, Automotive Winch Mounting Systems, Towing Winches

Coming soon!


Automotive Wiper Arm Covers, Automotive Wiper Arms, Automotive Wiper Blades, Automotive Wiper Blade Refills, Automotive Wiper Cowls, Automotive Wiper Motors, Automotive Wiper Nozzles, Automotive Wiper Pumps

Content Standards - Style Guide - Wipers 05.05.23.pdf

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