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You need to use these style guides to accurately set up and maintain your items in the Product Type Groups below for the Animals category.

Product Type Groups (PTGs) are a group of similar Product Types with like attributes.

  • If you have questions about which Product Type your item should be, please reach out to your merchant engagement lead.
  • If you have trouble determining which PTG your Product Type falls under, please refer to this spreadsheet and filter down to your Product Type to see which style guide you should look for.

Additionally, all the Product Types included in each guide are listed in the second column. If you do not see your Product Type listed, please check back regularly to find your style guide. New and updated style guides are added weekly.

To learn how to effectively use a style guide, please complete our Style Guide 101 course in the Retail Link Academy.

In Item 360, you can now download a Rich Media maintenance spreadsheet to provide asset URLs for 360 spin images and videos. All other rich media modules will need to go through a third-party content partner.

Accessing the Style Guide PDFs

The PDFs are only available on Supplier Help. Log in using your Supplier One account to view this article with links to the PDFs.

Product Type Groups

Product Types Included

Style Guide

Animal Feeding & Watering

Automatic Pet Feeders, Bee Guards, Bird Feeder Domes & Baffles, Bird Feeders, Butterfly Feeders, Feed Scoops, Hog Watering Nipples, Hog Feeders, Hummingbird Feeders, Outdoor Bird Bath Stands, Outdoor Bird Baths, Pet Bowls, Pet Food Mats, Pet Food Storage, Pet Live Animals, Pet Water Bottles, Pet Water Fountains, Squirrel Feeders

Content Standards - Style Guide - Animal Feeding & Watering 02.22.23.pdf

Animal Food

Animal Feed, Bird Food, Bird Seed Cakes, Bird Treats, Butterfly Nectar, Cat Food, Cat Treats, Dog Food, Dog Treats, Fish Food, Hummingbird Nectar, Poultry Feed, Reptile Food, Small Animal Food, Small Animal Treats, Squirrel & Critter Food, Wet Dog Food, Wild Bird Feed

Content Standards - Style Guide - Animal Food 10.05.22.pdf

Animal Grooming

Animal Conditioner, Animal Grooming Electric Clipper Blades, Animal Grooming Electric Clippers, Animal Grooming Scissors, Animal Shampoo, Pet Claw Care, Pet Colognes, Pet Dander Reducers, Pet Dematting Tools, Pet Deodorizers, Pet Grooming Baths, Pet Grooming Brushes, Pet Grooming Dryers, Pet Grooming Tables, Pet Grooming Wipes, Pet Hair Removal & Grooming Mitts, Pet Shower & Bath Accessories, Pet Styptic Gels & Powders

Content Standards - Style Guide - Animal Grooming 08.26.22.pdf

Animal Health

Animal Acupuncture Models, Animal Dental Care Tools, Animal Dewormers, Animal Supplements & Vitamins, Cat Hairball Remedies, Flea & Tick Collars, Pet Diapers, Pet Digestive Remedies, Pet Ear Care, Pet Eye Care, Pet Flea & Tick Treatments, Pet Flea Combs, Pet Itch Remedies, Pet Milk Replacers, Pet Nursing Bottles & Bottle Sets, Pet Nursing Kits, Pet Nursing Replacement Teats, Pet Nursing Syringes, Pet Recovery Collars & Cones, Pet Relaxants, Pet Thermometers, Pet Toothbrushes, Pet Toothpaste, Pet Wheelchairs, Poultry Conditioner

Content Standards - Style Guide - Animal Health 07.08.22.pdf

Bird Supplies

Bird Ladders, Bird Nests & Nesting Material, Bird Perches, Bird Seed Guards & Catchers, Bird Swings, Bird Toys, Birdcages, Birdcage Baths, Birdcage Covers, Birdcage Stands, Chicken Coop Accessories, Egg Incubators

Content Standards - Style Guide - Bird Supplies 01.03.22.pdf

Fish, Aquarium & Terrarium Supplies

Aquarium & Terrarium Substrate, Aquarium Air Pumps, Aquarium Breeder Tanks, Aquarium Cleaning Tools, Aquarium Decor, Aquarium Filter Media, Aquarium Filters, Aquarium Gravel Cleaners, Aquarium Heaters, Aquarium Hoods, Aquarium Hydrometers, Aquarium Lights, Aquarium Nets, Aquarium Parts, Aquarium Stands, Aquarium Starter Kits, Aquarium Tank Dividers, Aquarium Test Kits & Aquarium Thermometers, Aquarium Water Pumps, Aquarium Water Treatments, Aquariums, Aquatic Plants & Automatic Fish Feeders, Fish Bowls, Reptile Thermometers, Terrarium Covers, Terrarium Feeding Dishes, Terrarium Habitat Decor, Terrarium Habitat Lighting, Terrarium Heat Lamps & Mats, Terrariums

Content Standards - Fish, Aquarium and Terrarium Supplies 07.12.22.pdf

Outdoor Animal Housing

Cat Houses, Butterfly Hibernation Boxes, Chicken Runs, Dog Houses, Bird Houses, Bat Shelters, Bee Houses, Chicken Coops

Content Standards - Style Guide - Outdoor Animal Housing 06.03.22.pdf

Pet Apparel & Accessories

Hiking Dog Packs, Pet Apparel, Pet Collar Charms, Pet Collars, Pet Harnesses, Pet ID Tags, Pet Leashes, Pet Muzzles

Content Standards - Style Guide - Pet Apparel & Accessories 12.07.22.pdf

Pet Bedding & Furniture

Cat Hammocks, Cat Perches, Cat Scratching Pads, Cat Scratching Posts, Cat Trees, Pet Bed Covers, Pet Bed Liners, Pet Bedding & Litter, Pet Beds, Pet Blankets, Pet Pillows, Pet Sofa & Chair Protectors, Pet Sofas & Chairs, Pet Stairs & Steps

Content Standards - Style Guide - Pet Bedding & Furniture 06.24.22.pdf

Pet Containment

Pet Door Flaps, Pet Doors, Pet Gates, Pet Kennel & Crate Covers, Pet Kennel & Crate Pads, Pet Kennels & Crates, Pet Playpens, Pet Radio & Wireless Fences, Pet Tie-Out Stakes, Pet Tie-Outs

Content Standards - Style Guide - Pet Containment 12.22.22.pdf

Pet Toys

Cat Toys, Dog Toys

Content Standards - Style Guide - Pet Toys 01.12.23.pdf

Pet Training

Bark Control Training Aids, Dog Agility Equipment, Dog Whistles, Pet Doorbells, Pet Repellents, Pet Training Clickers, Pet Training Collars

Content Standards - Style Guide - Pet Training 03.13.23.pdf

Pet Transport

Pet Bicycle Carriers, Pet Bicycle Trailers, Pet Booster Seats, Pet Car Seat Covers, Pet Carriers, Pet Ramps, Pet Slings, Pet Strollers, Pet Travel Barriers, Pet Vehicle Harnesses

Content Standards - Style Guide - Pet Transport 11.27.22.pdf

Pet Waste Management

Cat Litter, Cat Litter Box Liners, Cat Litter Boxes, Cat Litter Disposal Systems, Cat Litter Mats, Cat Litter Scoops, Dog Waste Bag Dispensers, Dog Waste Bags, Pet Training Pad Trays, Pet Training Pads, Pooper Scoopers

Content Standards - Style Guide - Pet Waste Management 02.20.23.pdf

Small Animal Supplies

Small Animal Exercise Wheels, Small Animal Habitat Decor, Small Animal Habitats & Cages, Small Animal Toys, Small Animal Tubes & Tunnels

Content Standards - Style Guide - Small Animal Supplies 02.17.22.pdf

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