Content Quality Enhancements in Item 360

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Building top-performing item pages is becoming easier in Item 360. Click here or scroll down for an overview of multiple content quality enhancements designed to help you easily manage your item content.


We recommend completing this self-paced course on Supplier Academy.

  • You may also access the course via Retail Link > Academy > Getting Started (under Quick Learning Articles) > Item Setup and Management Basics (under Walmart Item 360 Item Setup) > Content Quality.

Improved scoring model

As of July 12, the updated content quality scoring model for 1P items now includes the product-focused attribution and places consistent emphasis on the attributes that drive the customer experience. 

The model weighs two main components: 

  1. Core Attributes: Product Name, Site Description (Short Description), Key Features (Long Description), and Images. 
  2. Product Type Attributes: Required and recommended attributes based on Product Type. 

Product-focused attribution

As of March 2023, we have launched item setup specs for all 479 Product Type Groups (PTGs). PTGs are a group of similar Product Types with like attributes. The item setup specs now capture more relevant and accurate data to enable greater discoverability and help customers build more confidence in their shopping experience.

The attributes in these specs are grouped by requirement level:

Capturing product-focused attribution at the time of setup reduces the need to provide them later during item maintenance. When completing these item setup specs, remember to:

  • Refer to the Data Definitions tab in the spreadsheet for attribute definitions and requirements.
  • On the Product Content And Site Exp tab, select the Spec Product Type for each item you are setting up. This selection determines which product-focused attribution you need to provide.
  • Refer to the content standards in the style guide for your PTG or Walmart Private Brand. These guides provide answers to questions about image specifications, image types, search engine optimization (SEO), copy guidelines, rich media, Connected Content Partners (CCPs) and more.
    • If your style guide is not available yet, refer to this site for general info about content standards.

Actionable insights for all scored attributes

In your Item 360 Catalog, items may have included insights for these four Product Content attributes:

  • Product Name
  • Key Features
  • Site Description
  • Image (insights pertain to the number of images the item has)

As of July 12, you have visibility to all content opportunities in Item 360 and can easily enrich content that will improve the item's content quality score and the customer experience.

  • To review insights and update content directly in Item 360, click the dots at the bottom right corner of the item card and select Product & Offer Overview. Updating the values for the attributes that have insights (highlighted in yellow) will improve the overall content quality score for the item.
  • To review insights and make updates for up to 5,000 items at once, click Export Insights & Edit Content to start downloading an editable spreadsheet. Updating the values for the attributes that have insights will improve the overall content quality score for the item.

Full API suite for item setup & maintenance

If you or your 3rd-party Content Service Provider (CSP) currently use Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to set up and maintain items for Walmart U.S., new and updated Walmart APIs were recently released. These functionalities will allow you to work faster, at scale, and with increased accuracy. You and your CSPs (such as 1WorldSync, Salsify, Syndigo, WhyteSpyder, etc.) can use APIs to view, export, and provide large amounts of data to Walmart without going to Item 360 for item setup or maintenance.

Check out the Developer Portal to find updated documentation for you, your CSPs, and your technical partners.

Click here to learn more about these APIs and get answers to frequently asked questions.


Refer to Content Quality FAQs.

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