A Full API Suite for Item Setup and Maintenance

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Are you API-enabled? A complete, revised suite of Walmart APIs for item setup and maintenance is now available. These integrations allow you to work faster, at scale, while increasing accuracy.


Below are some general FAQs about the new and updated APIs:

1. What has Walmart released in these Item APIs?

We have released APIs that enable you to:

  • Set up eCommerce items shipped via a Drop Ship Vendor (DSV) or a Walmart Fulfillment Center or Distribution Center with product type-specific attributes.
  • Update all the attributes available in the Item 360/Supplier One maintenance tiles for Product Content & Site Experience, Imagery, and Item Configuration & Supply Chain.
  • Search for an item and get all available item attributes (for the first time via API!), including your item's content quality score and specific improvement recommendations.

2. Who has access to these APIs?

All 1P suppliers, with either Owned and/or DSV contract relationships, can use Walmart APIs.

3. When will these APIs be available?

The new O-Auth Authentication method and the item setup and management APIs are now available. To help get you started, below are updated guides and reference materials on Walmart Developer Portal to kick start your development:

4. How do I let you know if I am interested in learning more?

Contact us at wmapilaunch@walmart.com.

Additional Resources

Learn more about what's launched and find answers to frequently asked questions about the APIs.

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