Walmart Restored Program FAQs

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Here are answers to frequently asked questions about the Walmart Restored program and setting up restored items in Item 360.

Overview and Scope

1. What is the Walmart Restored program? 

As part of the Walmart Restored program, approved DSV suppliers can sell high-quality refurbished items to millions of Walmart customers. All items on Walmart Restored must be tested and certified to work and look like new. Only suppliers that maintain a high quality and performance bar can offer refurbished items as part of this program. 

2. How do I apply to be part of the Walmart Restored program? Do I need to get approval to sell Walmart Restored items? 

  • All domestic, dotcom DSV suppliers in the approved categories are eligible to create products for the Walmart Restored program. If you are not currently approved for the program, your submission will be reviewed and you will be added to the approved list if all qualifications are met.
  • If you or your products do not meet the eligibility criteria, please do not attempt to set up restored items or select condition type "Restored" for your items in Item 360. Doing so will cause system errors for your items.

3. What will my performance under Walmart Restored be measured against?  

To ensure that you stay in the Walmart Restored program, you need to meet the current DSV Program Requirements & Performance Standards. 

4. Are international suppliers eligible for the Walmart Restored program?

The Walmart Restored program is only open to approved domestic, dotcom DSV suppliers selling in the Walmart U.S. market. International suppliers are not eligible to be part of the Walmart Restored program.

5. How do I set up bundled items? 

Bundled refurbished items, where one or more item in the bundle can be refurbished, are currently not allowed as part of the Walmart Restored program. Please reach out to your Walmart merchant for further guidance.

Criteria and Guidance

1. Why am I not able to list my products with refurbished in title/description? 

In an effort to standardize the refurbished offerings on and enhance the customer experience by clearly articulating the value prop and item condition, we have consolidated all refurbished listings under the Walmart Restored umbrella. Going forward, "Walmart Restored" will be synonymous with refurbished on Walmart.  

2. What are the product criteria? 

The criteria for a Walmart Restored item include:

  • Like new or Grade A product only 
  • 90-day free return for a refund or replacement 
  • Verified that product has been inspected, tested, cleaned and looks like new 
  • Minimum 80% battery health compared to its new equivalent 
  • No visible cosmetic imperfections when held 12 inches away 

Products that do not meet the above criteria do not qualify for the Walmart Restored program and must include "Used" or "Preowned" in the Product Name. 

3. Are there any limits on the warranty that the supplier can provide in the Walmart Restored program?  

In order to standardize the refurbished products offered on and associated warranty, we are suppressing warranty information on restored items. 

4. Is there guidance on what should be fulfilled by Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS) vs. supplier-fulfilled in refurbished?   

Suppliers can determine whether they want to set up a restored item as Walmart-fulfilled or supplier-fulfilled depending on their business needs.

5. Is there guidance on refurbished list price range vs. new list price?  

Walmart strongly encourages the supplier to follow the best-in-class industry practice when it comes to pricing refurbished items. A general guideline/rule of thumb is to have refurbished items priced lower than its new equivalent. 

6. How do I find the new equivalent/original product identifier (UPC/GTIN/Item ID)?

You can find the new equivalent/original Item ID by viewing the item on and copying the 9-digit number at the end of the item page URL:

To find the UPC/GTIN for the item, copy and paste the Item ID from into the Product ID search bar in the Products view of the Item 360 catalog. The 14-digit GTIN is at the top left corner of the item card before the Product Name. The 12-digit UPC is the GTIN without the first two digits.

7. How long will it take for the restored item to publish?  

New item submissions take up to 4 hours to process in the system. You can check the status of your item setup in the Activity Manager.

8. Why is my restored item unpublished? I'm an approved Walmart Restored supplier.

Products are unpublished for a number of reasons. In the Item 360 Catalog, you can view the unpublished reason(s) for your item and learn about actions to take if the issues can be resolved.

Support and Returns

1. How do I contact Walmart Restored Supplier Support? 

For any issues related to setting up a restored item in Item 360, create a case for Partner Support. Make sure you select the channel Walmart Stores (regardless of your selling channel) to ensure that your case will route to the correct support team for Item 360. For detailed instructions, refer to this article.

2. How are returns processed for the supplier and buyer?  

There is no change to the existing returns process. However, refurbished items come with an extended return period of 90 days provided by suppliers. 

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