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You will only see multibox items in Item 360 if you set up and manage multibox items. The Activity Manager shows all multibox item setup submissions made by users who share your 6-digit Supplier ID(s). You can easily track where multibox items are in the review process.

If you need to take further action on a submission, you'll receive an email from Walmart-Item360 with a link to the activity.

  1. Click Activity Manager in the left navigation menu.
    You can click the toggle next to My Activity Only to view only the activities you have submitted or updated.
  2. Click the Filter icon to narrow down your list of activities. For example, select Setup (Multibox) under Submission Type.
    Or, you can copy and paste up to 200 Activity IDs in the Activity ID Search bar.
    You can also click one of these filters to view activities by their status.
  3. The card for your multibox setup activity shows the: Activity Description and ID, Activity Status, Submission Type, Submission Date, Submitted By, and Supplier.

View Details

  1. Click the dots at the bottom right corner of the multibox setup activity card. Then, click View Details to learn more.
  2. If the activity has only one multibox item, you'll see the status at the item level (e.g., Successfully Created, Data Errors, Required Content Incomplete, Requires WERCS).
  3. If the activity has more than one multibox, you'll see the Details page with a count of all the successful, incomplete, and declined multiboxes in the activity. Click View Multibox to learn more.
  4. By default, you'll see each multibox item in the submission at the Sellable GTIN level. Click the arrow icon to view the box components.
  5. Errors can occur at the Sellable GTIN level and at the box component level. To learn more about and fix the errors, click Export to download a spreadsheet.
    Make sure to check all tabs of the spreadsheet (i.e., Component Item Configurations, category or product type tabs) for errors. Once you've fixed all of the errors, upload the file back into Item 360.
  6. Please email the Activity ID to your Walmart merchant once the multibox items are set up in Item 360 (i.e., when the activity status is Complete).

What Do the Multibox Statuses Mean?

Successfully Created

Setup for these multibox items is complete. They’re eligible for purchase orders, and you can find them in the Products view of the Item 360 Catalog.

Incomplete Multibox

These multibox items can be incomplete for a number of reasons:

  • Data Errors or Incomplete Content: Click Export to download and fix the errors in a spreadsheet. Then, upload the file back into Item 360.
  • Requires WERCS: At least one component requires a WERCS assessment. Learn more about WERCS here.
  • Updates Requested: Click Export to review the comments and make the updates in a spreadsheet. Then, upload the file back into Item 360.
  • System Processing: We are still processing these multibox items. Please check back in a few hours.
  • System Errors: We'll automatically try to reprocess these multibox items every few hours (up to three times). If you still see system errors after 24 hours, please go to Supplier Help, log in using your Supplier One account, and file a case ticket.
  • Internal Errors / Conflicts: A Walmart associate needs to review the issues, and there is no action for you at this time.

Declined Multibox

These multibox items have been declined by a Walmart associate and will not be eligible for purchase orders. Learn more in the Comment section.

Discard Submission

This functionality is not yet supported, but will be coming soon, for multibox item setup activities in Item 360.

Activities are purged from the system automatically after 90 days. If you have incorrect or duplicate multibox item submissions that are stuck in the Supplier Action Required or Walmart Action Required status, you can discard the submission in your Activity Manager.

  1. Click the dots at the bottom right corner of the activity card. Then, click Discard Submission.
  2. Click the Discard button to confirm your action. All of the multibox setup requests in your activity will be discarded.

Need Assistance?

Please refer to these notes and tips for multibox item setup (e.g., assigning tax codes to multibox items is a manual process that may take up to 14 days following item creation).

To file a case ticket, please contact Partner Support. For detailed instructions, refer to this article.

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