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You need to use these style guides to accurately set up and maintain your items in the Product Type Groups below for the Home category.

Product Type Groups (PTGs) are a group of similar Product Types with like attributes.

  • If you have questions about which Product Type your item should be, please reach out to your merchant engagement lead.
  • If you have trouble determining which PTG your Product Type falls under, please refer to this spreadsheet and filter down to your Product Type to see which style guide you should look for.

Additionally, all the Product Types included in each guide are listed in the second column. If you do not see your Product Type listed, please check back regularly to find your style guide. New and updated style guides are added weekly.

To learn how to effectively use a style guide, please complete our Style Guide 101 course in the Retail Link Academy.

In Item 360, you can now download a Rich Media maintenance spreadsheet to provide asset URLs for 360 spin images and videos. All other rich media modules will need to go through a third-party content partner.

Accessing the Style Guide PDFs

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Product Type Groups

Product Types Included

Style Guide

Artificial Plant Decor

Artificial Flowers, Artificial Fruits & Vegetables, Artificial Plants, Artificial Topiaries, Artificial Trees

Content Standards - Style Guide - Artificial Plant Decor 03.08.23.pdf


Bakeware Sets, Baking & Cookie Sheets, Baking Cups, Baking Dishes & Casseroles, Baking Mats, Baking Sifters, Baking Stencils, Bread & Loaf Pans, Cake Boards & Circles, Cake Boxes, Cake Pans, Cake Stands, Cake Toppers, Cake Turntables, Candy & Food-Grade Molds, Cookie Cutters & Stamps, Cookie Presses, Cooling Racks, Cotton Candy Cones, Cupcake Corers, Cupcake Liners, Cupcake Making Kits, Decorating & Pastry Bags, Dough & Empanada Presses, Dough Dockers, Icing Decorating Tips & Sets, Icing Smoothers & Spatulas, Lollipop & Treat Sticks, Mixing Bowls, Muffin Pans & Individual Baking Molds, Pie & Tart Pans, Pie Crust Shields, Pie Irons, Pizza Stones & Pans, Ramekins, Rolling Pins

Content Standards - Style Guide - Bakeware 10.09.23.pdf

Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Accessories Sets, Bath Appliques, Bath Pillows, Bathroom Butlers, Bathroom Canisters & Sets, Bathroom Cosmetic & Toiletry Organizers, Bathroom Linen & Accessory Sets, Bathroom Tumblers, Bathtub Splash Guards, Facial Tissue Covers, Non-Slip Bath Mats, Shower Curtain Rings, Shower Curtain Rods, Shower Curtains & Liners, Soap & Lotion Dispenser Pumps, Soap & Lotion Dispensers, Soap Dishes & Holders, Toilet Lid & Tank Covers, Toilet Paper Holders, Toilet Paper Storage Containers, Toilet Seat Covers, Toothbrush Holders, Towels & Washcloths, Towels Sets

Content Standards - Style Guide - Bathroom Accessories 01.11.23.pdf


Baby Blankets, Bed Blankets, Bed Canopies, Bed Pillows, Bed Rest Pillows, Bed Runners, Bed Sheets, Bed Skirts, Bed-in-a-Bag, Bedding Fasteners, Bedding Sets, Bedspreads & Coverlets, Body Pillows, Comforters & Duvets, Contour Pillows, Electric Blankets, Mattress Encasements, Mattress Pads, Mattress Toppers, Neck Pillows, Pillow Protectors, Pillow Shams, Pillowcases, Quilts, Slumber Bags & Nap Mats, Throws, Twin Bed Bridges, Waterbed Heaters, Waterbed Liners, Wedge Pillows

Content Standards - Style Guide - Bedding 11.03.23.pdf

Beer, Cocktail & Wine Accessories

Beer Tap Faucet Caps & Brushes, Beer Tap Handles, Bottle Stoppers, Cellar Wine Bottle Tags, Cocktail Chilling Stones, Cocktail Glass Rimmers & Rimmer Sets, Cocktail Picks, Cocktail Shakers, Cocktail Strainers, Cocktail Swizzle Sticks, Corkscrews & Wine Bottle Openers, Drain Drip Trays, Fruit & Wine Crushers & Destemmers, Fruit & Wine Presses, Jiggers, Muddlers, Wine Aerators & Pourers, Wine Bottle Foil Cutters, Wine Making Barrels, Wine Making Equipment Kits, Wine Racks, Wine Saver Vacuums, Wine Sealers & Vacuums, Wine Stoppers & Corks, Wine Thermometers, Wine Totes, Bags & Backpacks, Wineskins

Content Standards - Style Guide - Beer, Cocktail & Wine Accessories 06.01.23.pdf

Beverage & Liquid Appliances

Beverage Warmers, Blenders, Chocolate Fountains, Electric Juicers, Electric Kettles, Frozen Drink Makers, Milkshake Makers

Content Standards - Style Guide - Beverage & Liquid Appliances 08.19.22.pdf

Beverage Tableware

Barware Sets, Beer Glasses, Beer Mugs, Carafes, Champagne Glasses, Coffee & Tea Serving Sets, Coffee Cups & Saucers, Cup & Saucer Sets, Cup Lids, Cups & Mugs, Decanters, Drink Stirrers, Drinkware Sets, Espresso Cups, Espresso Cups & Saucers, Glassware & Drinkware, Margarita Glasses, Martini Glasses, Mason Drinking Jars, Moscow Mule Mugs, Pitchers, Punch Bowl Sets, Shot Glasses, Teacups, Teacups & Saucers, Travel Mugs, Tumblers, Wine Glasses

Content Standards - Style Guide - Beverage Tableware 08.17.23.pdf

Candle Accessories

Candle Holders, Candle Shades & Covers, Candle Wicks, Flame Snuffers, Lamp Oil, Outdoor Candle Holders, Wick Trimmers

Content Standards - Style Guide - Candle Accessories 03.27.23.pdf

Ceiling and Wall Lighting & Light Fixtures

Ceiling Fan & Light Remote Controls, Ceiling Fan Downrods, Ceiling Fan Lighting Kits, Ceiling Fan Scrolls, Ceiling Fans, Ceiling Lights, Chandeliers, Emergency Lighting, Fan Blade Arms, Fan Blades, Flush Mount Lights, High Bay Light Fixtures, Pendant Lights, Picture Lights, Recessed Lights, Sconces, Shop Light Fixtures, Strip Light Fixtures, Track Lighting Heads, Track Lighting Rails, Track Lighting Sets, Vanity Lights, Wall Lights, Wraparound Light Fixtures

Content Standards - Style Guide - Ceiling & Wall Lighting & Light Fixtures 01.11.24.pdf

Cleaning Appliances

Carpet Sweepers, Clothes Dryers, Clothes Irons, Combination Washing Machines & Dryers, Commercial Dishwashers, Commercial Vacuums, Commercial Washers & Dryers, Dishwashers, Floor Cleaning Machines, Floor Polishing Machines, Garment Steamers, Robotic Floor Cleaners, Steam Cleaners, Steam Mops, Towel Warmers, Vacuum Cleaners, Washing Machine & Dryer Sets, Washing Machines

Content Standards - Style Guide - Cleaning Appliances 06.24.22.pdf

Coffee & Tea Appliances & Accessories

Air Press Coffee Makers, Coffee & Espresso Maker Parts, Coffee & Tea Urns, Coffee Decanters, Coffee Drippers, Coffee Filters, Coffee French Presses, Coffee Grinders, Coffee Maker Carafe Lids, Coffee Maker Cleaning Products, Coffee Percolators, Drip Coffee Makers, Espresso Machine & Coffee-Maker Combos, Espresso Machine Backflush Inserts, Espresso Machine Filter Baskets, Espresso Machines, Espresso Tampers, French Press Replacement Filter Mesh, Iced Tea Machines, Matcha Tea Bowls & Whisks, Milk Frothers & Steamers, Single-Serve Brewers, Stovetop Coffee Siphons, Stovetop Espresso Pot Replacement Gaskets & Filters, Stovetop Espresso Pots, Tea Bag Coasters, Tea Ball Infusers, Tea Cozies, Tea Makers, Tea Storage Boxes, Tea Strainers, Teapot Warmers, Teapots, Turkish Coffee Pots

Content Standards - Style Guide - Coffee & Tea Appliances & Accessories 10.04.23.pdf

Cooking Utensils, Gadgets & Accessories

Cream Whippers, Crepe Spreaders, Fondue Forks, Food & Candy Dipping Tools, Food Thermometers, Funnels & Funnel Sets, Gnocchi Boards, Grill Tool Sets, Grilling Skewers, Kitchen & Cooking Utensil Sets, Marinade Injectors, Measuring Cups, Measuring Spoons, N2O Chargers, Oil Sprayers & Misters, Onion Goggles, Oven Thermometers, Pasta Forks, Salt Blocks, Sausage Casings, Sausage Stuffer Tubes, Sausage Stuffers & Stuffing Kits, Seafood Serving & Tool Sets, Shrimp Deveiners, Splatter Screens, Spoon Rests, Sushi Making Rice Paddles, Sushi Rolling Mats & Rolling Kits, Wok Brushes

Content Standards - Style Guide - Cooking Utensils, Gadgets & Accessories 01.29.24.pdf


Boiling Pots, Braisers, Butter Warmers, Chafing Dishes, Cookware Sets, Double Boilers, Dutch Ovens, Egg & Pancake Rings, Egg Poachers, Fajita Platters & Platter Sets, Fish Poachers & Bakers, Fondue Pots & Sets, Griddles & Grill Pans, Grill Presses, Hamburger Patty Makers, Multipots, Pot & Pan Handles, Pot & Pan Lids, Roasting Pans & Racks, Saucepans, Skillets & Frying Pans, Soup & Stockpots, Steamer Baskets, Stovetop Kettles, Stovetop Popcorn Poppers, Stovetop Waffle Irons, Tagines, Toaster Oven Broilers & Broiler Sets, Wok Rings, Woks

Content Standards - Style Guide - Cookware 10.13.23.pdf

Fireplace Items

Electric Logs, Fire Starters, Firelogs, Fireplace Andirons, Fireplace Back Plates, Fireplace Bellows, Fireplace Doors, Fireplace Draft Stoppers, Fireplace Fans, Fireplace Grates, Fireplace Hearth Fenders, Fireplace Inserts, Fireplace Mantels & Surrounds, Fireplace Screens, Fireplace Tools, Firewood, Gas Logs, Gel Fuel, Heating Stoves, Indoor Fireplaces, Log Carriers, Log Racks & Holders, Matches, Outdoor Fireplaces

Content Standards - Style Guide - Fireplace Items 09.06.23.pdf

Food Processing, Canning & Fermentation Accessories

Canning Jar Lids, Canning Jar Rings, Canning Jars, Canning Kits, Canning Pressure Regulators, Canning Tools, Complete Canning Kits, Food Processor Accessories

Content Standards - Style Guide - Food Processing, Canning & Fermentation Accessories 10.25.22.pdf

Food Specific Cooking Appliances

Bread Makers, Cake Pop Makers, Cupcake Makers, Doughnut Makers, Electric Crepe Makers, Electric Egg Cookers, Electric Rice Cookers, Electric Waffle Makers, Hot Dog Machines, Pizza Makers, Pizza Ovens, Quesadilla Makers, Sandwich Grills, Turkey Fryers

Content Standards - Style Guide - Food Specific Cooking Appliances 08.11.23.pdf

Home Brewing Supplies & Accessories

Fermentation Airlocks, Fermentation Carboys, Fermentation Siphons, Fermenters, Home Brewing Beer Bottle Cappers, Home Brewing Beer Bottle Caps, Home Brewing Beer Bottle Trees, Home Brewing Beer Line Connectors, Home Brewing Beer Mixes, Home Brewing Bottle Cappers, Home Brewing Cleansers, Home Brewing Equipment Kits, Home Brewing Filtration Supplies, Home Brewing Grain & Hop Bags, Home Brewing Hops, Home Brewing Hydrometers, Home Brewing Kegs & Keg Supplies, Home Brewing Kettle False Bottom Adapters, Home Brewing Kettle False Bottoms, Home Brewing Kettles, Home Brewing Line Assemblies, Home Brewing Mash Paddles, Home Brewing Refractometers, Home Brewing Sanitization Kits, Home Brewing Thermometers & Temperature Controllers, Home Brewing Valves & Spigots, Home Brewing Wort Chillers, Mash Tuns

Content Standards - Style Guide - Home Brewing Supplies & Accessories 11.04.22.pdf

Home Decorative Objects

Alarm Clocks, Baskets, Bookends, Centerpieces, Cork Holders, Decorations, Decorative Balls, Decorative Bottles, Decorative Bowls, Decorative Boxes, Decorative Clocks, Decorative Pillow Covers, Decorative Pillow Inserts, Decorative Pillows, Decorative Plates, Decorative Stones, Doilies, Figurines & Knick-Knacks, Finials, Floor Clocks, Geographic Globes, Globe Stands, Home Decor Masks, Magazine Racks & Holders, Mirrors, Music Boxes, Piggy Banks & Money Jars, Plaques & Signs, Poufs, Quilt Racks & Blanket Holders, Refrigerator Magnets, Slipcovers, Umbrella Racks & Stands, Vases, Yard Signs

Content Standards - Style Guide - Home Decorative Objects 04.06.23.pdf

Home Mats & Rugs

Anti-Fatigue Mats, Area Rugs, Bath Rugs, Carpet Protectors, Floor Mats & Doormats, Hearth Rugs, Hide Rugs, Kitchen Mats, Rug Pads, Runner Rugs

Content Standards - Style Guide - Home Mats & Rugs 02.17.23.pdf

Home Miscellaneous Items

Clock Parts, Door Chimes & Bells, Draft Blocks, Drain Catches, Drain Stoppers, Electric Household Fans, Stair Rods

Content Standards - Style Guide - Home Miscellaneous Items 10.20.22.pdf

Humidity Appliance and Evaporative Air Cooler Parts & Accessories

Dehumidifier Accessories, Evaporative Air Cooler Belts, Evaporative Air Cooler Covers, Evaporative Air Cooler Motors, Evaporative Air Cooler Pads, Evaporative Air Cooler Parts, Evaporative Air Cooler Pulleys, Evaporative Air Cooler Pumps, Evaporative Air Cooler Valves, Humidifier Absorption Sleeves

Coming soon!

Ironing, Vacuuming, and Steaming Parts & Accessories

Clothes Iron Cleaners, Clothes Iron Rests, Floor Polishing Machine Replacement Pads, Hat Washers, Iron Cordminders, Ironing Board Cover Fasteners, Ironing Board Covers, Ironing Board Holders, Ironing Boards, Ironing Mats, Ironing Sets & Centers, Pressing Pads & Cloths, Steam Mop Pads & Brushes, Steamer Steamboards, Vacuum Cleaner Attachments, Vacuum Cleaner Bags, Vacuum Cleaner Belts, Vacuum Cleaner Filters

Coming soon!

Kitchen Accessories

Bag Clips, Bench Scales, Beverage Pod Holders, Bottle Openers, Brining Bags, Butane Torches, Butcher Block Oil & Conditioner, Can Crushers, Cheese Making Kits, Deep Fryer Accessories, Grill Baskets, Ice Packs, Ice Pop Makers, Kitchen Scales, Kitchen Seed Sprouters, Knife Sharpeners, Knife Sharpening Guides, Manual Can Openers, Pasta Makers, S'mores Makers, Salad Shakers, Salad Spinners, Timers, Toaster Oven Toast Bags

Content Standards - Style Guide - Kitchen Accessories 12.05.22.pdf

Kitchen Brushes, Separators & Molds

Basting Brushes, Egg Separators, Fat Separators, Ice Cube Molds & Trays, Meat Basters, Pasta & Dumpling Molds & Stamps, Pastry Brushes

Content Standards - Style Guide - Kitchen Brushes Separators & Molds 10.09.23.pdf

Kitchen Cloth & Decor

Basket Liners, Cheesecloths, Cooking Aprons, Glass Markers, Grill Gloves, Kitchen Linen Sets, Kitchen Towels, Oven Mitts, Picnic Baskets & Bags, Pot Holders, Stemware Charms, Trivets

Content Standards - Style Guide - Kitchen Cloth & Décor 03.21.23.pdf

Kitchen Cooking Appliances

Air Fryers, Conveyor Ovens, Cooking Ranges, Cooktops, Countertop Burners, Deck Ovens, Electric Contact Grills, Electric Deep Fryers, Electric Food Steamers, Electric Griddles, Electric Hot Pots, Electric Rotisseries & Roasters, Electric Skillets, Electric Woks, Hot Plates, Microwave Ovens, Pressure Cookers & Canners, Range Hoods, Slow Cookers, Toaster Ovens, Toasters, Wall Ovens, Warming Drawers

Content Standards - Style Guide - Kitchen Cooking Appliances 10.24.22.pdf

Kitchen Coverings, Containers & Racks

Banana Holders, Bento Boxes, Bread Boxes, Cooking Utensil Bars, Counter & Drying Mats, Countertop Plastic Bag Dryers, Cutting Boards & Butcher Blocks, Decanter Drying Stands, Dish Racks, Food Covers, Food Storage Canisters, Food Storage Jars & Containers, Food Strainers & Colanders, Honey Jars, Ice Bucket & Tong Sets, Ice Buckets, Kitchen Utensil Organizers, Knife Blocks & Storage, Knife Sleeves & Guards, Lazy Susans, Microwave Food Defrosters, Mug Trees & Storage Racks, Oven Racks, Paper Towel Holders, Pasta Drying Racks, Popcorn Buckets, Pot Racks, Recipe Boxes & Holders, Reusable Lunch Bags & Boxes, Salt Boxes, Spice Racks & Organizers, Stemware Holders, Straw Dispensers

Content Standards - Style Guide - Kitchen Coverings, Containers & Racks 01.03.23.pdf

Kitchen Cutting Utensils & Tools

Bagel Slicers, Cheese Slicers, Coconut Knives, Electric Knives, Fillet Knives, Fish Scalers, Food Choppers, Food Peelers, Fruit & Vegetable Corers, Fruit & Vegetable Pitters, Graters & Zesters, Herb Mincers, Kitchen Knives & Cutlery Sets, Kitchen Shears, Mandolines & Slicers, Meat Handler & Carving Forks, Pastry Cutters, Pizza Cutters, Ravioli Cutters, Shellfish Shuckers, Spiralizers

Content Standards - Style Guide - Kitchen Cutting Utensils & Tools 01.03.24.pdf

Kitchen Dispensers

Airpots, Batter Dispensers, Beverage Dispensers, Bottle Pourer Dust Tops, Bottle Pourers, Condiment Dispensers, Dried Food Dispensers, Liquor Dispensers, Oil & Vinegar Dispensing Bottles & Cruets, Small Water Cup Dispensers, Sugar & Spice Shakers & Dispensers, Thermal Carafes, Toothpick Holders & Dispensers, Water Coolers

Content Standards - Style Guide - Kitchen Dispensers 05.15.23.pdf

Kitchen Drinkware Accessories & Filtration

Carbonating Bottles, CO2 Chargers, Drink Sleeves, Drinking Flasks, Drinkware Accessories, Faucet Water Filters, Growlers, Juicer Accessories, LED Ice Cubes, Replacement Faucet Water Filters, Replacement Water Filters, Soda Maker Kits, Soda Siphons, Thermoses, Under-Sink & Countertop Filtration Systems, Water Filter Cleaners, Water Filtration Pitchers, Whole House Water Filters

Coming soon!

Kitchen Mixing, Grinding, and Crushing Utensils & Tools

Citrus Reamers, Food Grinders & Mills, Garlic Presses, Garlic Twists, Ice Crushers, Kitchen Nutcrackers, Manual Egg Beaters, Manual Juicers, Manual Spice & Herb Grinders, Meat Grinder Accessories, Meat Grinder Blades, Meat Grinder Cleaners & Cleaning Kits, Meat Grinder Plates, Meat Grinders, Meat Tenderizers, Mortars & Pestles, Potato Mashers & Ricers, Stand Mixer Attachments, Whisks

Coming soon!

Kitchen Scoops, Tongs & Spatulas

Cooking Skimmers, Cooking Spoons, Food Tongs, Grill Tongs, Honey Dippers, Ice Cream Scoops, Ice Tongs, Kitchen Ladles, Kitchen Scoops, Kitchen Spatulas, Meat Hooks & Flippers, Melon Ballers, Pizza Peels

Content Standards - Style Guide - Kitchen Scoops, Tongs & Spatulas 07.14.22.pdf

Kitchen Top Appliances

Cotton Candy Machines, Electric Buffet Servers, Electric Can Openers, Electric Food Choppers, Electric Food Slicers, Electric Knife Sharpeners, Electric Popcorn Poppers, Electric Wine Bottle Openers, Food Dehydrators, Food Processors, Food Warmers, Hand Mixers, Ice Cream Makers, Shaved Ice Makers, Stand Mixers, Vacuum Sealers, Yogurt Makers

Content Standards - Style Guide - Kitchen Top Appliances 10.25.22.pdf

Lamps and Light Bulbs Lighting & Light Fixtures

Desk Lamps, Extension Lights, Floor Lamps, Grow Lights, Lamp Bases, Lamp Sets, Lamp Shade Fitters, Lamp Shades, Lamps, Light Bulb Changers, Light Bulb Sockets & Extenders, Light Bulbs, Portable Work Lights, Ring Lights, Table Lamps

Content Standards - Style Guide - Lamps and Light Bulbs Lighting & Light Fixtures 03.10.23.pdf

Miscellaneous Appliance Parts & Accessories

Air Conditioner Covers, Appliance Air Filters, Appliance Belts, Appliance Blower Wheels, Appliance Control Boards, Appliance Control Panels, Appliance Covers, Appliance Door Gasket Seals, Appliance Door Latches & Kits, Appliance Grills, Appliance Handles, Appliance Hoses, Appliance Rollers, Appliance Sensors, Appliance Water Valves, Blender Parts, Blender Pitchers, Furnace Filters, Microwave Racks, Microwave Turntables, Replacement Appliance Knobs, Replacement Oven Igniters, Through-the-Wall Air Conditioner Sleeve Kits, Toaster Oven Replacement Trays, Window Air Conditioner Supports

Coming soon!

Miscellaneous Lighting & Light Accessories

Book Lights, Detector Flashlights, Disco Lights, Flameless Candles, Lava Lamps, Light Ropes & Strings, Light Timers, Lighting Cables, Marquee Signs, Neon Signs, Night Lights, Novelty Lighting, Plasma Balls, Pool Table Lights, Salt Lamps, Stage Lights, Switch & Outlet Plates, Under-Cabinet Lights

Content Standards - Style Guide - Miscellaneous Lighting & Light Accessories 01.05.24.pdf

Outdoor Lighting & Light Fixtures

Deck Lights, Flood & Security Lights, Landscape & Walkway Lights, Outdoor Lamp Posts, Outdoor Lamps, Outdoor Light Holders & Ground Stakes, Patio Umbrella Lights, Pool & Underwater Lighting

Coming soon!

Picture & Art Decor

Art Prints, Canvas Art Prints, Drawings, Folk Art, Mixed Media Art, Paintings, Photographic Art, Picture Frames, Posters, Sculptures, Shadow Boxes, Stained Glass Panels, Sun Catchers, Tapestries, Textile Art

Content Standards - Style Guide - Picture & Art Decor 04.27.23.pdf

Range & Cooktop Parts & Accessories

Range & Cooktop Burner Grates, Range & Cooktop Replacement Burners, Range Backguards, Range Burner Covers & Heat Diffusers, Range Drip Pans & Trim Rings, Range Hood Filters, Range Replacement Built-in Thermometers, Range Replacement Built-in Timers, Range Replacement Heating Elements

Coming soon!

Refrigeration, HVAC & Garbage Supplies

Air Conditioners, Air Purifiers, Commercial Refrigerators, Dehumidifiers, Evaporative Air Coolers, Freezers, Furnaces, Garbage Disposals, Humidifiers, Ice Makers, Ionizers, Refrigerators, Trash Compactors, Wine Cellars

Content Standards - Style Guide - Refrigeration, HVAC & Garbage Appliances 07.29.22.pdf

Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Washer and Dryer Parts & Accessories

Dishwasher Accessories, Dishwasher Baskets & Racks, Dishwasher Detergent Dispensers, Dishwasher Door Springs, Dishwasher Installation Kits, Dishwasher Rack Adjusters, Dishwasher Rack Rollers, Dishwasher Replacement Wash Arms, Dishwasher Tailpieces, Dryer Lint Screens, Dryer Replacement Vents, Refrigerator Accessories, Refrigerator Bins, Shelves & Baskets, Refrigerator Door Gasket Seals, Refrigerator Thermometers, Refrigerator Water Filters, Refrigerator Water Valves, Washer & Dryer Accessories

Coming soon!

Table & Dining Accessories

Cloth Napkins, Coasters, Dining Table Pads, Napkin Holders & Dispensers, Napkin Rings, Napkins, Salt & Pepper Mills, Salt & Pepper Shakers, Seating Cushions, Straws, Table Place Mats, Table Runners, Table Skirts, Tablecloth Clamps, Tablecloths, Tabletop Wine Chillers, Tableware Storage Chests, Toothpicks

Content Standards - Style Guide - Table & Dining Accessories 10.20.22.pdf

Tableware Dishes

Accent Plates, Appetizer Plates, Bread & Butter Plates, Buffet Plates, Butter Dishes, Charger Plates, Cheese Board Sets, Cheese Boards, Chip & Dip Sets, Condiment Servers, Creamers, Sugar Bowls & Sets, Dessert Plates, Dinner Plates, Gravy Boats, Stands & Sets, Party Bowls, Party Plates, Salad Plates, Salad Serving Sets, Saucers, Serving Bowl Sets, Serving Bowls, Serving Platters, Serving Trays, Sugar Packet Holders, Tableware Bowls, Tableware Plates, Tableware Sets

Content Standards - Style Guide - Tableware Dishes 12.15.23.pdf

Tableware Utensils

Bar Spoons, Cake Servers, Cake Serving Sets, Cheese Spreaders, Chopstick Holders, Chopsticks, Corn Holders, Flatware Sets, Grapefruit Utensils, Salad Serving Utensils, Serving Forks, Serving Spoons, Serving Utensils & Sets, Tableware Forks, Tableware Knives, Tableware Spoons

Content Standards - Style Guide - Tableware Utensils 06.27.23.pdf

Window & Wall Decor

Curtain Holdbacks, Curtain Rings, Curtain Rod Holders, Curtain Rods & Rod Sets, Curtain Tracks, Curtains & Valances, Floating Shelves, Vertical Blind Replacement Slats, Wall Decals & Stickers, Wall Growth Charts, Wall Pediments, Wall Sculptures, Window Alert Decals, Window Blinds, Window Film, Window Shades, Window Shutters

Content Standards - Style Guide - Window & Wall Decor 03.15.23.pdf

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