Condition Attribute FAQs

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Here are answers to frequently asked questions about the 'Condition' attribute. This attribute is used to describe the state of an item (e.g., New, New without tags, Open Box, Restored).

1. What is changing about the 'Condition' attribute?

In item setup and maintenance, the 'Condition' attribute is now required for all product types.

2. When is this requirement starting?

The 'Condition' attribute is required as of:

  • September 20, 2023, for 1P items in Item 360
  • October 12, 2023, for 3P items in Seller Center

3. What are the drop-down options for the 'Condition' attribute?

The closed list of options for the ‘Condition’ attribute will vary depending on the item’s product type.

Here are some examples from the spreadsheets and within the tools:

4. Will 'Pre-Owned' conditions be supported for all items?

While you may see ‘Pre-Owned’ conditions in the closed list for 1P items, the program currently supports 3P items only. We are working on expanding the Pre-Owned program into 1P. 

5. Will the 'Restored' condition be supported for all items?

The ‘Restored’ condition is allowed for 1P if the program rules and criteria are met, but 1P cannot list Restored Premium products.


For questions:

  • 1P suppliers should file a case ticket with Partner Support (log in with your Supplier One account)
  • 3P sellers should file a case ticket with Seller Help

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