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You need to use these style guides to accurately set up and maintain your items in the Product Type Groups below for the Electronics & Photography category.

Product Type Groups (PTGs) are a group of similar Product Types with like attributes.

  • If you have questions about which Product Type your item should be, please reach out to your merchant engagement lead.
  • If you have trouble determining which PTG your Product Type falls under, please refer to this spreadsheet and filter down to your Product Type to see which style guide you should look for.

Additionally, all the Product Types included in each guide are listed in the second column. If you do not see your Product Type listed, please check back regularly to find your style guide. New and updated style guides are added weekly.

To learn how to effectively use a style guide, please complete our Style Guide 101 course in the Retail Link Academy.

In Item 360, you can now download a Rich Media maintenance spreadsheet to provide asset URLs for 360 spin images and videos. All other rich media modules will need to go through a third-party content partner.

Accessing the Style Guide PDFs

The PDFs are only available on Supplier Help. Log in using your Supplier One account to view this article with links to the PDFs.

Product Type Groups

Product Types Included

Style Guide

AV Accessories

3D Glasses, Antenna Mounts & Brackets, Antennas, Cassette Tape Head Cleaners, Digital Disc Cleaners, Disc Repairers, Earbud Covers, Earbud Straps, Earbud Tips, FM Transmitters, Headphone Amplifiers, Headphone Cases, Headphone Cord Winders, Karaoke Song Cartridges, Remote Controls, Satellite Multiswitches & Satellite LNB Downconverters, Skins for Headphones, Speaker Mounts & Brackets, Television Signal Amplifiers, Tonearms, Turntable Cartridge Styli & Turntable Cartridges, Turntable Platter Mats, TV & Monitor Mounts, TV Antennas, TV Tuners, Video Switchers

Content Standards - Style Guide - AV Accessories 10.20.22.pdf

Camera Accessories

Camera & Camcorder Mounts, Camera Accessory Bundles, Camera Bag Padded Partitions, Camera Bags & Cases, Camera Battery Grips, Camera Belts & Harnesses, Camera Cleaning Equipment, Camera Docking Stations, Camera Film, Camera Film Backs & Holders, Camera Film Winders, Camera Flash Adapters, Camera Flash Brackets, Camera Flash Diffusers, Camera Flash Slave Trigger Units, Camera Flash Snoots, Camera Flashes, Camera LCD Hoods, Camera Lenses, Camera Lighting Sync Cords, Camera Rain Covers, Camera Remote Controls, Camera Stabilizers, Camera Straps, Camera Tool Kits, Camera Vests & Jackets, Conversion Lenses, Dew Shields, Digital Camera Backs, Digital Camera Parts, Film Camera Parts, Follow-Focus Levers, Lens Boards, Lens Caps, Lens Cases, Lens Extension Tubes, Lens Filter Holders, Lens Filter Step Rings, Lens Filters, Lens Hoods, Lens Mount Adapters, Lens Supports, Light Meters, Monopods, On-Camera Lights, Selfie Sticks, Skins for Cameras, Surveillance Camera Housings, Surveillance Camera Lenses, Tripod Cases, Tripod Heads, Tripods, Underwater Camera Housings, Video Camera Microphones, Video Camera Parts

Coming soon!

Cameras & Camcorders

360º Cameras, Digital Cameras, Disposable Cameras, Dummy Cameras, Film Cameras, Instant Cameras, Line-Scan Cameras, Movie Cameras, Surveillance Cameras, Underwater Cameras, Video Cameras

Content Standards - Style Guide - Cameras & Camcorders 06.15.22.pdf

Computer Accessories

Compressed Air Dusters, Computer Monitor Covers, Computer Power Supplies, Computer Rack Hardware & Accessories, Computer Racks & Mounts, Computer Speakers, Computer System Testers, Digital Pens, Laptop Cooling Pads, Laptop Docking Stations, Laptop Security Locks, Scan Converters, Screen Privacy Filters, Skins for Laptops and Tablets, Stylus Pens, Tablet Computer Stands, Tablet Holders, Carriers & Cases, USB Lights, Wrist Rests

Content Standards - Style Guide - Computer Accessories 11.21.23.pdf

Computer Components

Computer Cases, Computer Cooling, Computer Port Cards, Computer Replacement Parts, Computer Video Cards, Drive Bay Caddies, Laptop Replacement Keyboards, Laptop Replacement Screens, Laptop Shells, Microcontrollers, Motherboards, Motherboard & CPU Combos, Processors, RAM Memory, Sound Cards

Content Standards - Style Guide - Computer Components 07.22.22.pdf

Computer Peripherals

Barcode Scanners, Computer Keyboard & Mouse Sets, Computer Keyboard Trays, Computer Keyboards, Computer Mice, Mouse Pads, Electronic Touchpads, Fingerprint Readers, Keyboard Protectors, Webcams, Webcam Privacy Covers, Wireless Keypads

Coming soon!

Computers & Tablets

Computers, Desktop Computers, Gaming Desktops, All-in-One Computers & Touchscreen Desktops, Laptops, Gaming Laptops, Laptops (Macbooks), Thin Clients Without Screens, Thin Clients With Screens, Computer Servers, Tablets: E-Book Readers & Graphics Tablets, Tablets: PDAs & Tablet Computers

Content Standards - Style Guide - Computers & Tablets 04.19.22.pdf

Connected Home

Home Assistants, Personal Alarms, Smart Watches

Content Standards - Style Guide - Connected Home 10.24.22.pdf


Archival Photo & Negative Sleeves, Darkroom Analyzers, Darkroom Developing Trays, Darkroom Dry Mount Presses, Darkroom Easels, Darkroom Fans & Louvers, Darkroom Film & Print Processors, Darkroom Focusers & Magnifiers, Darkroom Paper Safes, Darkroom Print & Film Dryers, Darkroom Print & Film Washers, Darkroom Print Tongs, Darkroom Roller Transport Processors, Darkroom Safelight Filters, Darkroom Safelights, Darkroom Sinks, Darkroom Squeegees, Darkroom Tanks & Reels, Darkroom Timers, Darkroom Water Temperature Controls, Line-Scan Cameras, Photo Enlarger Filters, Photo Enlarger Heads, Photo Enlarger Lens Mounts, Photo Enlarger Lenses, Photo Enlargers, Photo Enlarging Paper, Photography Developer, Photography Fixers, Photography Negative Carriers, Photography Slide Holders, Photography Slide Viewers, Photography Slides, Photography Stop Baths, Photography Toners

Coming soon!

Digital Storage

Blank Audio Tapes, Blank Video Tapes, Computer Tape Drives, Data Backup Media, Disc & Tape Storage, Disk Arrays, Flash Drives, Flash Memory, Floppy Disk Drives, Floppy Disks, Hard Drives, Media Duplicators, Memory Card Adapters, Memory Card Holders, Memory Card Readers, Optical Disk Drives, Optical Recording Media

Coming soon!


Computer Monitors, Digital Photo Frames, Televisions, TV/DVD Player Combos, Video Monitors

Content Standards - Style Guide - Displays 08.15.23.pdf

Drones & Accessories

Aerial Drone Accessories, Aerial Drone Controllers, Aerial Drone Goggles, Aerial Drone Propeller Guards, Aerial Drone Replacement Parts, Aerial Drones, Drone Propellers, Skins for Aerial Drones

Content Standards - Style Guide - Drones & Accessories 08.15.22.pdf

Electronics Cables

Audio/Video Cables, Cable Connectors, Cable Covers, Cable Organizers, Cable Splitters, Cable Tie Guns, Computer Cables, Computer Patch Panels, Video Capture Devices

Content Standards - Style Guide - Electronic Cables 06.28.23.pdf

Electronics Hardware

Counter-Surveillance & Debugging Equipment, Electronic Dictionaries & Translators, Magnetic Stripe Readers, Morse Code Keyers, Security Alarms, Weather Stations

Content Standards - Style Guide - Electronics Hardware 05.19.22.pdf

Electronics Power

Battery Backups, Battery Size Converters, Battery Testers, Button Cell Batteries, Capacitors, DC-to-DC Converters, Decade Boxes, Device-Specific Electronics Batteries, Device-Specific Electronics Chargers, Diodes, Distribution Amplifiers, Electromagnets, Electronic Oscillators, General Purpose Batteries, General Purpose Battery Chargers, Inductors, Line Conditioners, Op Amps, Portable Power Packs, Potentiometers, Power Adapters, Power Cables, Power Distribution Units, Power Entry Modules, Power Tool Batteries, Power Tool Chargers, Power Transformers, Resistors, Surge Suppressors, Terminal Blocks, Travel Plug Adapters, Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Voltage Regulator Integrated Circuits, Wattmeters

Content Standards - Style Guide - Electronics Power 08.24.22.pdf

General Accessories

Electronics Carrying Cases, Electronics Cleaning Brushes, Electronics Cleaning Cloths, Electronics Cleaning Kits, Electronics Docks & Cradles, Electronics Film Protectors, Electronics Hand Straps, Electronics Port Dust Covers, Electronics Repair Suction Screen Removers, Electronics Stands, Permanent Magnets

Content Standards - Style Guide - General Accessories 11.02.23.pdf

GPS & Accessories

GPS Antennas, GPS Chartplotters, GPS Devices, GPS Software

Content Standards - Style Guide - GPS & Accessories 10.24.22.pdf

Home Audio

Audio & Video Receivers, Audio Power Amplifiers, Audio Turntables, CD Players, Compact Stereos, Digital-to-Analog Converters, Equalizers, Home Speakers & Subwoofers, Intercoms, Jukeboxes, MiniDisc Players, Preamplifiers, Sound Bars

Content Standards - Style Guide - Home Audio 11.14.22.pdf


Cable TV Boxes, KVM Switches, Modems, Network Adapters, Network Cables, Network Cards, Network Hubs, Network Load Balancers, Network Router Memory, Network Routers, Network Security Devices, Network Switch Modules, Network Switches, Network Testers, Network-Attached Storage Servers, Networking Load Balancers, Signal Repeaters, USB Hubs, USB Wi-Fi Adapters, Wireless Access Points, Wireless Repeaters & Transceivers

Coming soon!

Office Machines

3D Printers, Computer Scanners, Copiers, Fax Machines, Photo Printers, Print Servers, Printers & All-in-Ones

Content Standards - Style Guide - Office Machines 08.12.22.pdf


Binoculars, Digital Microscopes, Electron Microscopes, Loupes, Magnifying Glasses, Monoculars, Night Vision Goggles, Opera Glasses, Rangefinders, Standard Optical Microscopes, Telescope Eyepiece & Filter Sets, Telescope Eyepieces, Telescopes

Content Standards - Style Guide - Optics 10.20.22.pdf

Optics Accessories

Binoculars Cases, Collimation Tools, Microscope Blank Slides, Microscope Cases, Microscope Eyepiece Cameras, Microscope Eyepieces, Microscope Mechanical Stages, Microscope Parts, Microscope Prepared Slides, Microscope Slide Cover Slips, Microscope Slide Holders, Optical Lens Cleaners, Optics Cases, Riflescope Cases, Riflescope Mounts, Rings & Bases, Spotting Scope Eyepieces, Telescope Adapters, Telescope Cases, Telescope Filters, Telescope Mirrors, Telescope Mounts, Viewfinders

Coming soon!

Phone Accessories

Armband Phone Cases, Car Mounts, Cell Phone Cases, Cell Phone Parts, Cell Phone Radiation Guards, Cell Phone Signal Boosters, Cell Phone Tool Kits, Cell Service Prepaid Refills, Headset Adapters, Headsets, Phone Amplifiers, Phone Grips, Phone Jacks, Phone Shoulder Rests, Prepaid Calling Cards, SIM Card Backup Devices, SIM Card Holders, SIM Card Readers, SIM Cards, Skins for Cell Phones and Phone Grips, Telephone Cables, VoIP Phone Adapters, Wireless Phone Jacks

Content Standards - Style Guide - Phone Accessories 06.28.23.pdf

Phones & Communication

Answering Machines & Caller ID, Audio Conferencing Phones, CB Radios & Scanners, Cell Phones, Corded/Cordless Phone Combos, Corded Phones, Cordless Phones, Dummy Cell Phones, Pagers, PBX Phone Systems, VoIP Phones

Content Standards - Style Guide - Phones & Communication 10.06.23.pdf

Photo Studio

Photo Studio Backgrounds, Photo Studio Posing Props, Photography Constant Lighting Units, Photography Flash Heads, Photography Light Tents, Photography Lighting Barn Door Frames, Photography Lighting Barn Doors, Photography Lighting Mounting Hardware, Photography Lighting Reflectors, Photography Lighting Stands & Booms, Photography Lighting Umbrellas, Photography Lighting Weight Bags, Photography Monolights, Photography Shooting Tables, Photography Softboxes, Stock Photographs, Transparency Lightboxes & Light Tables

Coming soon!

Portable Audio

Boomboxes, Digital Audio Players, Headphones, Portable Radios, Portable Speakers, Voice Recorders

Content Standards - Style Guide - Portable Audio 11.30.22.pdf


Mini Projectors, Multimedia Projectors, Overhead Projectors, Projector & Tripod Skirts, Projector Bags & Cases, Projector Lenses, Projector Mounts, Projector Replacement Lamps, Projector Screen Stands, Projector Screens, Slide Projector Trays, Slide Projectors, Video Projectors

Content Standards - Style Guide - Projectors 05.13.22.pdf

Radio Communication & Accessories

Ham Radio Amplifiers, Ham Radio Power Supplies, Ham Radio Receivers, Ham Radio Transceivers, Ham Radio Transmitters, Marine Radios, Radio Antennas, Radio Communication Antenna Tuners, Radio Communication Earpieces & Headsets, Radio Communication Microphones, Radio Communication Speakers, Radio Communication Tubes, Two-Way Radios

Coming soon!


Analog-to-Digital Converters, Blu-Ray & DVD Players, Digital Video Recorders, DVD/VCR Player Combos, Home Theater Systems, Portable Blu-Ray & DVD Players, Satellite TV Receivers, Streaming Media Players, Surveillance Video Recorders & Players, VCRs, Video Editing Systems

Content Standards - Style Guide - Video 10.24.22.pdf

Video Gaming

Arcade Game Systems, Skins for Video Games, Skins for VR Headsets, Video Game Accessories, Video Game Console Keypads, Video Game Console Parts, Video Game Console Plug-in Cams, Video Game Consoles, Video Game Controllers, Video Game Dance Pads, VR Headsets

Content Standards - Style Guide - Video Gaming 10.24.22.pdf

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