New Items in the Catalog – Store Local Item Automation

Updated 10 months ago ​by Merch Transformation Change Management

Over the coming months, you and your merchants may begin seeing new items in the Item 360 and iSAM Catalogs submitted through a workflow called Monocle. This workflow has been implemented to bring visibility to Store Local Items (70 Type Items).

What is a 70-type item? Where did these items come from? Why are they being set up in the Walmart Item Catalog?

In order to scan and sell merchandise that has been shipped to a store but is not currently available in the Walmart Item Catalog, a store associate must manually add the GTIN to the store’s system by creating it as a store item. These store items are often referred to as "70 types" because they are systemically assigned numbers formatted as "70xxxxx". This initiative will bring visibility to those 70-type GTINs by adding them to the Walmart Item Catalog.

What actions are needed by suppliers or merchants?

No action is required, and transactions on the items will not be impacted.

If you would like to add these GTINs to your item catalog going forward, follow the current standard operating procedure for item setup in Item 360. Once you submit the items, the merchant will approve them in iSAM as done today.   

Setup functionality is not yet supported in Item 360 or iSAM for: Assortments, Import Shippers (General Merchandise), Pharmacy, and Fees. You would need to follow your current processes to set up new items in these areas.

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