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Assortment Parent Item setup and linking functionality is not yet supported in Item 360 for suppliers or in iSAM for merchants. Please refer to this article for instructions on setting up assortments.

Each card in the Assortments View of the Catalog contains important data. Click the three dots at the bottom right corner of the card. Then, click Assortment Overview.

Assortment Parent

The first section shows details for the assortment parent.




The Walmart Item Number of the assortment parent, which is the unique ID for each assortment.

Assortment Name or Item Description

The Shelf Label Item Description 1.


The status of the assortment, which can be: ActiveInactive, or Deleted.


The GTIN of the assortment parent.

Supplier Number

The ID and name of the supplier for the assortment.

Accounting Dept, Fineline

The financial department under which the assortment is ordered or replenished, and the fineline number created by merchandising to group items more specifically than the department number.

Item Type / Subtype

The type and sub-type determine how the assortment is ordered and delivered to the store.

Buying Region

The code that indicates which region the assortment is assigned to:

  • 0 - Corporate items that are shared among all regions (used if selling both online and in stores)
  • 1 - Alaska
  • 2 - Hawaii
  • 3 - Puerto Rico
  • 6 - eCommerce


Indicates if the assortment is re-orderable by the supply chain.

Effective Date

The date that the assortment is valid for the store.

Unit Cost/Selling Price

The price Walmart is paying the supplier per unit (i.e., the orderable cost divided by the orderable quantity) and the price the customer pays for the product.

Orderable Pack Qty

The quantity of sellable items in the orderable pack (e.g., Casepack).


The overall dimensions and weight of the assortment.

Pallet Ti/Hi

The number of supplier cases per layer on the pallet / the number of layers on the pallet. Used for traffic planning (shipping) and slotting merchandise in the warehouse.

Assortment Children

The second section, indented and marked with a blue vertical line, shows details for each child.



Product Name or Item Description

The Shelf Label Item Description 1 of the child item.


The child item's main (i.e., primary) image. If it is missing, the card will show the gray Walmart spark.


Every child item is assigned a GTIN, even if a different Product ID was used during item setup.

Walmart Item Number

The Walmart Item Number of the child item.

Supplier Stock ID

The number that appears on the Walmart in-store shelf label to identify the child item.

Shelf 1 / Color

The first of two descriptions displayed on the shelf labels in stores and clubs. Previously referred to as Color.

Shelf 2 / Size

The second of two descriptions displayed on the shelf labels in stores and clubs. Previously referred to as Size.

Child Quantity

The quantity of this child item on the assortment.


Click Export (Read Only) at the top of the page to download the assortment data in a spreadsheet.

This is what the spreadsheet looks like. Read Only means this file is not editable.

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