Which Walmart Tool Should I Use for Apparel Item Management?

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Over the next few months, Apparel functionality will be removed from Walmart's legacy tools, and you'll go to Item 360 or Supplier One for more of your day-to-day item management workflows.

If you use a data pool provider to publish synced item info with GDSN (which is recommended but not required), make sure the data is pushed to Walmart before starting your item setup or maintenance in Item 360 or Supplier One.

This comparison chart shows when you should use existing processes, Item 360, or Supplier One for specific Apparel setup and maintenance requests and inquiries.

To download a PDF of the chart, click here.

What does Coming Soon mean?

This functionality will still be available via existing tools / processes for the next few months; however, it will be removed and only available in Item 360 or Supplier One in the near future. Functionality that is not listed as Coming Soon is currently not planned to be added to Item 360 or Supplier One.

Where should I upload and maintain imagery?

If you currently use Workhorse to upload and maintain imagery, please follow your existing process. For Apparel categories, the Main Image URL is not required at the time of setup in Item 360 or Supplier One (i.e., please do not submit a placeholder image URL).

Which Apparel departments are supported in Item 360 and Supplier One?

Item 360 and Supplier One support all Apparel departments:

Category / Product Type Group

Product Types

Baby Clothing

Baby Garments & Accessories

Carriers & Accessories

Travel Accessories

Cases & Bags

Bag & Purse Accessories

Bags & Luggage

ID, Card & Money Holders

Ceremonial Clothing & Accessories

Traditional Garments


Carried Fashion Accessories

Fashion Storage & Care

Full Body Garments


Lower Body Garments



Underwear & Lingerie Accessories

Underwear, Nightwear & Lingerie


Upper Body Garments

Worn Fashion Accessories



Footwear Accessories



Jewelry Accessories


Watch Accessories


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